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Guest:  Dr. Jim Logan;  Topics:  Telemedicine in space and on Earth, spreading humans throughout the solar system, lunar challenges and policies, China and lots more.

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We welcomed Dr. Jim Logan back to the show for a two segment 2 hour 15 minute broad ranging discussion first starting with telemedicine in space and here on Earth, then going to spreading humanity through the solar system, the space vision we need and more for the second segment and balance of the program.  Given Dr. Logan's history in helping to create the telemedicine industry, both on Earth and in space, we started with that subject.  The first segment of our program, the first hour, was devoted to telemedicine in space and on Earth, plus the potential for expansion in space and how Earth innovation and usage was helping it in space but space usage was also supporting and expanding telemedicine for use on Earth.  While the second part of our program was mostly devoted to expanding humans in the solar system, we continued to receive email questions relating back to the telemedicine subject.

During our telemedicine discussion, Dr. Logan talked about the start of telemedicine back in the early 80's though later in the second segment, Dr. Jurist sent in a note about the beginnings of telemedicine dating back to the 60's.  Jim not only provided us with the history of telemedicine both on Earth and in space, the major challenges the industry has faced over time and continues to face today, technological improvements but tech challenges still ahead such as resolution issues, plus policy impediments.  Such impediments include medical insurance, physician licensing by states, other policy programs which can vary from state to state as well as with the federal government, plus changes forced on the industry by the current pandemic.  Dr. Logan told us many stories to illustrate what he was talking about, plus listeners sent us their stories and I even once again told the story about the UCSF ICU experience around the turn of the century with images back and forth with Japanese expert specialists in Tokyo.  This was a fascinating hour which I believe you too will find fascinating and of great interest.  Let us know by posting comments on our blog.

For the second segment, we focused on Dr. Logan's purpose to successfully spread out humanity to space.  This was a comprehensive discussion covering technology, American preeminence and why it was and is very important, plus the upcoming challenges from China.  We discussed lots of issues and concerns about our Artemis program to return to the Moon which Jim was not enthusiastic about for several reasons. One of the main reasons was that it does not match his broad space vision which he explained during this segment so don't miss it.  At one point during this second half discussion, our guest told us that there was only one reason for humans in space.  That reason was to start long term space settlement.  Jim then said he had developed seven criteria for spreading humanity into the solar system.  He explained each rules as he stated it. The rules were :

1.  Any destination or settlement location must low delta v.

2.  The destination must have lots of resources.  ISRU.

3.  There must be little or no gravity well.

4.  Near normal Earth gravity for people, animals, and plants.

5.  There must be radiation protection 24/7.

6.  There must permit large redundant eco system.  Listen to what he had to say about this rule.

7.  Staging area for exploration and expansion and recurring launches.

Our guest talked about the history and why preeminence was important plus he explained China and their history going back to recalling and then destroying their treasure ship fleet.  Now they want to regain preeminence and space is it for them.  Don't miss what Jim talked about.  As for more modern challenges related to settlement and specifically to Mars, Jim talked about the danger from perchlorates found all over Mars, lunar and Martian dust, radiation, and the fact that NASA has yet to do any serious work to determine the gravity RX for humans.  Jim provided us with facts and numbers to support what he was saying. 

Jim mentioned the issue and importance of language in getting humans into the solar system.  Karen from Seattle asked if he was thinking about Chinese and why.  Jim spent several minutes responding to Karen, much of which was a presentation of his analysis of China, their space plans, lunar and Mars plans, and more.  Listen to what he had to say about Chinese educational, student and economic values plus proven performance.  Then note what he said about similar stats here in the US.  When asked if he feared China, the short answer was no but listen to all of what he said on the subject.

Jumping ahead, Jim was asked for his opinion on our current lunar return plans and Artemis.  He had problems with our lunar plans and Artemis which he expressed freely throughout the rest of the program.  In addition, Jim was very critical of humans to Mars plans, the SpaceX plan and the what he said was the Musk vision.  Please post your comments on these issues on our blog as we want to know your opinions too. 

Toward the end of the program, our friend Linda Plush called.  She wanted to talk about challenges for getting back to the Moon, what was known about Chinese life sciences for space, lunar spacesuit issues and more.  I inserted into their conversations questions for our guest about many suggesting that while NASA would likely stumble, the private sector would get the job done.  Jim had lots to say about the idea of the private sector stepping in for Nasa in getting humans to Mars.  Then Jim was asked about the Jeff Bezos vision and what he was doing.  Jim had more positive to things to say here because he thought Bezos were more open to advanced propulsion which Jim believes to be essential.  You don't want to miss all of what Jim said regarding Musk and Bezos, their plans and their visions.  Note that Jim was especially critical of Musk, humans to Mars, and the idea of Martian human settlement.  He took no prisoners in his discussion.  Before Linda ended her discussion with Jim, I asked her to tell us about her work treating Covid-19 patients as Linda is a critical care nurse on the front lines treating patients with Covid.  She talked freely about what she knew about it from her perspective, how she safely does her work, some of the treatments being used and more.  I hope you found this an interesting part of the discussion.

Dr. Doug got an email in as we were closing down the discussion with Linda.   He asked Jim if refueling Starship in LEO and then going to Mars would be OK, negating the need for advanced propulsion.  Jim said no but listen to all of what Jim say and explained to us in the context of Doug's question.  The program's final comment was an email I read from Dr. Jurist that mentioned the very early telemedicine work per my comments in the first segment of this review.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Logan on our blog.  You can reach Jim through me or his foundation website, Space Enterprise Institute.




the 'successful spreading out of humanity into space - PERMANENTLY,' NOT "Exploration" per se - and the most feasible way(s) to establish the first viable toeholds in this "New World" given what we've learned (i.e. 'evidence-based' not fantasy-based) in a

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23 Jun 2020 Dr. Jim Logan
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