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Guest:  John Strickland;  Topics:  Terraforming Mars and the full sequence on just how to terraforming over a 200 year timeline.  John discusses many specifics, like O2, nitrogen, gravity, water, fusion power and lots more.

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We welcomed back to the show John Strickland to address terraforming Mars, the sequence on how to do it, the 200 year timeline, what would be needed to do it and of course why we should do it.  There was listener participation with mostly email questions and challenges for John. With John's permission, I've posted his "Sequence For Full Terraforming of Mars on our blog for your convenience as it was a large part of our program.  As with previous Space Show program summaries, please use the Tags as they serve as a good, concise summary of our topics, talking points, and concerns as our guest provided us with a comprehensive analysis for terraforming Mars.  I've repeated the Tags below.

Tags:  John Strickland, terraforming Mars, O2 on Mars, dead rocks on Mars, Mars to backup Earth's life, terrorism, self-destruction, war, public funding but not everyone can go, Donald Barker and The Mars imperative: Species survival and inspiring a globalized culture, large area of thousands of species, O2 per person needs, nitrogen, essential fusion power, no magic physics, boron-hydrogen fusion, Mars atmospheric pressure, sequence for terraforming Mars, keeping Mars from losing atmosphere -again, recreating the Martian magnetic field, Crater Lake, OR as an example, 200 year timeline, rotating settlement for 1g, blue green algae, perchlorate in Martian soil, public support, Musk and terraforming, SpaceX as a transportation company, Atacama Desert example, planetary defense instead of backing up Earth, John's Sequence For Full Terraforming of Mars on TSS blog.

We started our program with John by talking about O2 on Mars.  Our guest proceeded to make a case for terraforming Mars but not everyone bought into what John was saying.  In talking about the need to do this, John said there were just dead rocks on Mars and we needed it as a backup planet to Earth should we do something stupid and destroy our home planet or should nature do it for us.  John went on to said it would be a grandiose to make a planet's atmosphere.  This prompted listener Todd to email John suggesting that what he was talking about was quite selfish because almost for sure some public funds would be used for terraforming Mars but not all tax payers would have an opportunity to escape to Mars. John's response was a bit comprehensive but the bottom line to John was that a portion of the public and taxpayer base would just have to take one for the team should the need to escape Earth actually come about.

Our guest listed several essential requirements that would be needed for terraforming Mars.  Fusion energy was mentioned as was the need for lots of 02, nitrogen plus other materials. Later in the program, he talked about spinning life support areas at 1g for those either living for visiting on Mars.  In addition, he talked about the most efficient ways to get nitrogen and the other needed components for terraforming Mars.  Listeners asked him many different questions including why not protect Earth from an incoming rock rather than develop Mars as an Earth backup.  To this question John replied that we might destroy ourselves, there might be war, terrorism or something like that forcing the departure of the selected to head for Mars to save a portion of humanity.  Our guest received some technical questions such as what would hold the newly created atmosphere on Mars this time around while another listener wanted to know if the Martian magnetic field that was lost could be reestablished. John's brief answer was no.

Our discussion was repetitive at times, especially regarding O2 and power/energy.  Recreating the Martian magnetic field was a repetitive example. Listener Tim wanted to know why nuclear fission was insufficient.  Don't miss how John answered that one.  At this point in the program, John wanted to go through his very detailed Sequence For Terraforming which you will find posted on our blog for this program.  He did do that, line by line for most of the rest of the program so do follow along with his commentary.  While going through the sequence, he responded to a question from Fred in Atlanta about rotating Mars for 1g.  Once again, don't miss what John had to say to Fred regarding his email question.

Toward the end of the program, Adrian in San Diego sent John a string of emails and commentary, all of which I read on air.  After the last of his messages, we concluded our discussion.  Again, I urge you to follow along with John on his view of the sequential steps that need to take place for terraforming on Mars.

Please post your questions/comments on the blog for this show. You can reach John Strickland through me here at The Space Show and via our blog for this program.




John returns to discuss energy and lots more. Don't missit

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23 Jul 2023 John Strickland
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