Broadcast 433 (Special Edition)

23 Dec 2005 Sir Charles Shults
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Sir Charles Shults returned to The Space Show to discuss Mars findings in some depth. However, before getting underway with the Mars information, given the fusion background of Sir Charles, the program kicked off with an update of where we are with fusion reaction, reactors, research, and what is ahead for the near-term regarding fusion. You will want to hear this fusion update if you are at all interested in the subject. After the fusion update, we turned our attention to Mars. Sir Charles pointed out the very strong evidence for water on Mars and we discussed what this means for Mars, our space program, research, finding life on Mars or in the solar system, and more. We talked about why water confirmation is not forthcoming from NASA and JPL and Sir Charles certainly spoke his mind on these subjects. Listener driven questions also took Sir Charles into the world of methane findings and the evidence that other trace elements exist on Mars that might lead to life. Sir Charles pointed out that there are different schools on the methane aspect of Mars with some believing it is coming from natural planetary processes including possible underground seismic or volcanic activity. Others say it points to life and comes from decay of biological material. Sir Charles said the methane is not yet as strong a case one way or the other as is water on Mars. Sir Charles also talked about what he sees as fossils on Mars and his website has many detailed pictures showing these fossils and how to read them from the raw JPL footage. You can see this material and follow the explanations by visiting In addition to Mars, we talked about possibilities for Venus, Europa and other places in the solar system. We discussed how to sterilize a space craft going into space, Earth contamination of Mars, radiation and much much more. Listen to this program as you will find it to be extremely informative and interesting. You can contact Sir Charles Shults through his website.



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