Broadcast 1415 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Dennis Wingo. Topics: Private space capital, visionaries, and private spaceflight. We welcomed Dennis Wingo back to The Space Show. Rather than describe this program by its three segments, I want to talk about the overriding theme of the show which focused on the need to have space visionaries and to attract and invest private capital in private space ventures. In having this conversation, Dennis also talked about the risks for companies in taking public money. We talked about the potential for a new congress to be deficit focused and in this economy, that might translate to a FY 11 NASA budget around $14 billion rather than the talked about $19 billion. Were that to happen, what would that mean for the private and entrepreneurial space companies, for Space X and others? Dennis talked about strategies for dealing with this type of potential scenario. We had lots of listener questions about Space X, government space, heavy lift, private space, and more. We talked about the consequences of having Congress go to continuing resolution were that to happen, about space advocacy and the space enthusiasts, and how all of us can play a more constructive role toward private space capital and attracting the space visionaries. One of the business and financial concepts that Dennis talked about since several listeners brought up ventures like asteroid mining or SSP as the answer to problems mentioned on this show was the concept of the time it takes to get to the first revenue dollar from a space project in comparison to what has to be invested up front. Dennis talked about this first dollar to revenue issue as its a huge issue that impacts space business ventures. Our discussion covered many other important details, approaches, and reality based facts. This is a no nonsense discussion that was and is extremely important and most timely. For those of you interested in private space and what space can do for humanity, you must listen to this interview with Dennis Wingo. Dennis took on the hard issues and choices facing NewSpace and the commercial and private space communities, offering us important and valuable ways to move forward toward our goals. If you have any questions or comments for Dennis Wingo, please email him at



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23 Aug 2010 Dennis Wingo
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