Broadcast 377 (Special Edition)

23 Aug 2005 Joe Latrell
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Joe Latrell, CEO of Beyond-Earth Enterprises, returned to The Space Show for this program. Mr. Latrell not only provided us with an update for his company, Beyond-Earth Enterprises, but he responded to questions about the private space industry, NASA, the space shuttle, the VSE, space advocacy, and much more. Mr. Latrell also talked about the Beyond-Earth presence at the coming XPRIZE Cup program in October 2005 in New Mexico, the use of various launch sites from Frederick, Oklahoma to the Southwest Regional Spaceport as soon as it is opened for business. Mr. Latrell also discussed the Moon Kits which we gave away to those listeners participating in the program. These kits afford someone the opportunity to send something important to them to space and have it returned to them. In discussing the Moon Kits, Mr. Latrell discussed his pending launch, its altitude and recovery process, plus the guaranty offered those purchasing the Moon Kit. A listener asked Joe about his recent article, "Space Advocacy: A Guide to Getting Involved" and this provided our guest with the opportunity to discuss space advocacy, outreach, and education, plus how important it is to be involved in promoting private space activity. Joe was also asked about competition from other launchers and the suborbital industry regarding taking memorabilia to space and returning it and he explained why competition was important as it validated the existence of a thriving space market. Joe Latrell was asked several questions about his use of rocket engines and he explained that they were likely to buy them from XCOR Corporation out of Mojave, CA. We also talked about insurance requirements for the type of launch that Beyond-Earth is undertaking and much more. Listeners are urged to check out their website for more information at Joe Latrell can be reached by email for additional questions or comments at As always, listeners can send Mr. Latrell email through me at



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