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We started our two hour Open Lines discussion with a call from Tim Dooley telling us about his latest book in the Tales From The Alternative History series of his Victorian Space Age science fiction work.  The newest book is "Two Ships" which I strongly recommend for each of you and for children.  Tim and I spent about 20 plus minutes going through the highlights of the book and his overall series.  The illustrations are very impressive as they always are but the story line is truly creative and imaginative and FUN.  Remember, if you get the book on Amazon, please do so using The Space Show/OGLF Amazon portal and methods as Amazon will contribute part of the purchase price to The Space Show.  Check the Amazon link on The Space Show home page for details.

Space attorney Michael Listner was our next caller.  We talked about his newsletter which is really excellent and his recent coverage of property rights issues.  Michael went over some of the latest legal thinking on using space mineral rights without property rights.  This is a complex issue but listen to what Michael had to say about it.  We also addressed an article in the Luxembourg press talking about hindsight into their space mining law and investment.  Don't miss what Michael had to say about this.  The article Michael and I referenced can be found here:   Before Michael completed his call, we talked about risk versus reward and risk averseness.  Don't miss what Michael and I had to say on the subject.

In the second segment, John from Freemont called in to let us know that Dr. Woodward had received some NASA funding for his work on Mach Thrusters.  That was good news because Dr. Woodward and his work with Dr. Fern are followed closely on TSS and have been for years.  Freemont John said he was attending the Icarus Starship Congress in Monterrey this summer and he will be reporting back to us on the two day event.

John from Ft. Worth was our next caller.  He gave us a movie review of the newly released movie "Gifted" about a math genius child.  I will e seeing the movie and may talk about it some more on a future OL show. 

Kim from Mexico was our next called. She wanted to focus our attention on the recent live stream first of a the Chinese launch plus the work being done on their space station.  Earlier in the show I had mentioned my being present at the Space Foundation Symposium in Colorado Springs and coming head to head with UFO protestors waving placards at those attending the symposium wanting UFO disclosure.  The group handed out literature and groups of CDs supporting their agenda.  I then mentioned that when I was in meetings with cyber space specialists to arrange Space Show cyber programming, I was advised to not put the CDs in a computer because of the possibility of spyware code or something worse embedded in the CDs.  I took these warnings to heart and offered the CDs and the literature to any listener that wanted them with the disclosure that they may not be safe to play.  Kim wanted the material and said she had an old detached computer that she could put them in without fear of compromise.   Thus, the material picked up in protest at the space symposium will be going to Mexico later this week.  We look forward to Kim telling us what was on the CDs as I refused to put them in a computer of any sort.  By the way, some of the material was from The Disclosure Project but I believe there were items from other sources as well.  I did not spend time reviewing or reading the material.

Richard Easton was our final call as we closed the show in memory of our friend who passed away this week, Bill Melberg.  Richard told some good stories about Bill and his ability to imitate others, especially President Nixon.   Bill will be missed by all, including The Space Show family.

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23 Apr 2017 Dr. David Livingston
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