Broadcast 1022 (Special Edition)

22 Sep 2008 Berin M Szoka, William Watson
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Guests: Berin Michael Szoka and Will Watson were the guests for this Space Show program. We talked about the new direction and board in place for the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) and the focus on Web 2.0 for mastering and maximizing the Foundation's vision. This discussion is appropriate for more than just SFF because it puts forth a general plan for how organizations are redefining themselves for the times we are in and the new forms of communication and staying in contact being used by people of all ages, interests, and cultures. Will discussed outreach and some of the venues that SFF will be functioning in, so don't miss what he had to say. It's a new SFF! We talked about NASA, space and the economy, low cost space access, The High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill, and much more. We learned that the SFF annual conference for 2009 will probably be at NASA Ames on or around July 20, 2009. Much more information about these and other Foundation projects can be obtained by visiting the Foundation's website: . You can join the SFF and be part of this dynamic organization, just visit If you have questions about the Foundation or comments for Will Watson, his Foundation email is . Berin provided his email address on air, so listen for it if you want to contact him.



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