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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  John Jossy;  Topic's:  John's research tools, his methodology, specific listener driven discussion topics, and more.

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We welcomed John Jossy back to the show to discuss with us his space advocacy, commercial and NewSpace plus settlement research, his exceptional support of The Space Show with guest and program suggestions, plus quality questions for guests and often other listeners on specific Space Show programs.  John offers The Space Show more guest suggestions than anyone else, constantly comes up with unique and often "rare" suggestions plus he backs the suggestions up with a quality but short analysis as to why the person should be a guest on TSS.  Often he makes contact with the potential guest on behalf of the show and goes a long way in helping me set the program up.  Because of the quality of his research, his suggestions, the news and information he submits to the show, I thought it would make for a good program for John to share his research and additional techniques so others might also find stories, articles, and individuals/companies doing things in space that they find interesting.

For most of the program, John took us through his sources, how he works each source, his follow up methods, the blogs and news services he subscribes to and as he said on aid, making sure that important material is actually sent to him so he does not have to look for it.  As a result of the order in which John discussed his research and resources, with his permission I posted both links from John and his notes listing his sources and contact information on the blog.  I suggest you access this material as you listen to the show.  If you have questions, you can post them on the blog and I will make sure John see them or you can send your questions to me and I will forward them to John.  In addition, become a subscriber to John's excellent blog,, as many of the stories and news articles that John supplies to The Space Show are first posted on his own blog.  You can also reach John through his Space Settlement Progress blog.

The majority of our listener participation was through email but we did have a few calls.  Bill first wanted to know if the interviews John did for his blog were by phone, in person or just how he did them. John said they were all by email.  Bill also wanted to know John's motivation and aspirations.  Don't miss how our guest responded to these latter questions by our caller.  After Bill's call, John resume describing his resources and just how he got information from them to share with his blog readers and with Space Show listeners.  He talked some about social media  but mostly commented on Twitter, letting us know that he filtered out all the political and other stuff not related to his topics of interest. 

During our discussion, specific individuals, ideas, theories, or subjects were highlighted.  For example, listen to John talk about the million dollar condo idea proposed by Kasper Kubica.  I would follow this up with a Space Show invitation so if someone can help me connect directly with Kasper, please do so as the best I can do is either through LinkedIn or Twitter and neither method has ever been that good at getting Space Show invites into the hands of potential guests.   

Ou next call came in from Ft. Worth John.  John wanted to talk with our guest John about the human gravity RX, human reproduction in space, kids on Mars, Mars exploration before actual settlement and SpaceX and the human gravity RX.  This was an interesting discussion you will want to hear.  Our caller then switch to the topic of planetary protection and Elon Musk.  Much was said in this discussion, including ideas put forth by Ft. Worth John of a space friendly administration issuing executive orders to bypass planetary protection rules to enable Musk or anyone to go where they want to go on the Martian surface.  I commented that I doubt this could happen but deferred to space attorneys that would soon be returning to The Space Show as guests. I also told John it was foolish to think that would happen.  After John's call ended, he sent us an email with a fairly far out (my description of his idea) of how an administration could deal with restrictive planetary protection rules by suggesting a way to do an end run around the regulations which he referenced in his email. Both guest John and I threw cold water on his idea.  After the program ended, Ft. Worth John posted a clarification comment on our blog so make sure you see it.

Just before we were set to end the program, an email came in from Listener Paul asking about space manufacturing and the progress being made by the Gateway Foundation and/or its subsidiaries.  Neither John nor I had a progress report to offer but one could easily be obtained by checking the respective websites.  I do get their announcements as does our guest though neither of us have seen anything come through for a few months.

Please post your comments/questions for John Jossy on our blog.  You can reach him through me, his own blog per the URL and website given above, and you can post on our blog as John will for sure see your comment or question.




John's unique commercial space industry & settlement research and advocacy. Don't miss it.

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22 Oct 2021 John Jossy
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