Broadcast 417 (Special Edition)

22 Nov 2005 Keay Davidson
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Keay Davidson was the guest for this special two hour Space Show program. Mr. Davidson talked to us about science reporting, the qualifications for doing it, the perspective needed, the short comings, the advantages, the problems. It was an enlightening discussion that I believe all of you will appreciate. We also talked about his interest in space dating back to the L5 days. Keay then explained to us why he has become cynical (he attributes it to getting older, growing up, and a changing world view) about space, etc. You will find this to be a frustrating yet important discussion. Keay is not really part of the space advocate world yet he does follow space, he has lots to say about NASA, much of it with humor, and he tells our advocate community what many in the general population think and that is that problems here on Earth need addressing first and space is not the path to those fixes. He says this is so and anyone who studies history will see what he is talking about. Our discussion went into science in general, his thoughts on the need to control and regulate science and technology and that it is not the panacea that many think it is or will be. This brought us to a discussion of science and Thomas Kuhn and his theories given Keay is working on a Kuhn biography. I believe its important that we know about Kuhn so I found this part of our discussion to be most interesting. We also got in some discussion points on Intelligent Design and science education in schools. I urge you to listen to this show and to see what you can learn from it. Its an opportunity to hear what many outside the space advocate world think and how they view space development, public or private. It also shows us that for the most part, there is no distinction between public or private space development in the eyes and views of the general public. Mr. Davidson is happy to receive your email comments and questions but requests you are writing to him based on his appearance on The Space Show as this will enable him to put your comments in the proper context given the amount of public email he gets in response to his articles and his biographies. His email address is Listeners can also write to Keay through me at



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