Broadcast 3137 Dr. John Brandenburg (Pen Name: Victor Norgarde)

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Guest:  Dr. John Brandenburg (Pen Name: Victor Norgarde); Topics:  Science fiction, Book Three of the author's final UFO Trilogy book dealing with the UFO Coverup and the UFO Wars.  Please direct all comments and questions regarding specific Space Show programs & guest(s) to the Space Show blog which is part of archived program on our website,

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We welcomed back Dr. Brandenburg (Victor Norgarde) to the program to discuss is newest science fiction novel and the final book of his UFO Wars series. The third and final book, "Morningstar Rising UFO Armageddon: The day of life or death has come…; is now available on Amazon and at other book retailers. Remember, if you buy the book (or any book) through Amazon, please use TSS/OGLF portal or SMILE site so that Amazon will contribute a portion of your purchase price to TSS.  Please click on the large Amazon link center right on our website home page for details or email me with your questions.  Thank you for this support.  During our one segment 65 minute discussion, in addition to talking about his latest book, John talked about the entire series and trilogy, the breaking story of the UFO coverup by journalists Casandra Chen and Pamela Monroe who have continued to play major roles throughout the series.  Book II of the trilogy, "To Rule The Night,"  received substantial focus due to the call from listener John in Ft. Worth who had only completed reading the first two books of the series. 

Our discussion with our guest was at times complex, jumping timelines from the early days of breaking open the UFO coverup to the final battlefield on Mars with the Greys and the Samaran battlefleet.  Listeners sent John multiple emails about aliens and the UFO culture/mythology in general as they had not yet read his trilogy. Some of the listeners wanted to know if the alien abduction stories were real and if they were part of his books.  Others wanted to know the propulsion technology used by the Greys to get to Earth as well as their weapon technology.  Others wanted to know if the UFO battle for life united the nations of Earth.  Still other listeners asked John why the Moon was so pivotal and they wanted more information about the base on the farside of the Moon and the Samarans, the alien culture that was controlling and manipulating the Greys.  Also, John had much to say about the Greys which he developed based on UFO mythology but the Greys involved in the UFO wars were quite advanced and more capable than in the folklore. He talked about this throughout our discussion.  You do not want miss what he had to say about all of his alien character development as well as the development of the two stars, Cassandra and Pamela plus the US General leading the Earth fight with his elite troops, Col. Robert Schwartzman.

John mentioned several times that in his series, humans were fighting for their life for as to lose the war, it would mean their extinction.  This opened the door for him to talk some battle and political strategy from the trilogy but specifically in Book III when fighting over the lunar farside base and the battle to end all battles on Mars.  John was asked if he was really through with the series with Book III or if there would be additional books.  He confessed he was working on a sequel, plus he was thinking of dividing the first two books into subparts as they were very large books. 

Paul form NY asked him to explain the absence of the United Federation of Planets (think Star Trek) in Earth's defense against the invading aliens.  John said no such United Federation existed.  He was also asked if the trilogy might be made into a movie. John confessed that he recently moved to Hollywood and was in discussion with producers about making the series into a movie.  Another listener asked him about the role of the US president and Congress in the UFO wars. Don't miss what he said in response to this question.  Before the show ended, there was a listener asking John about other alien species visiting Earth and comingling with Earthlings.  John said Earth had been visited by many species.

Please post your comments/questions for John (Victor Norgarde) on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Dr. John Brandenburg through me or his website,




John's new sci-fi book "Morningstar Rising UFO Armageddon"

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22 Jun 2018 Dr. John Brandenburg
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