Broadcast 966 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

22 Jun 2008 Mr. Gene Meyers
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Guest : Gene Meyers, CEO of the Space Island Group (, was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our interview with Gene providing us with background and updates for both a historical overview of Space Island, plus an update with its current activities. Most of the overview addressed the Space Island Group's plan to use shuttle external tanks for a space station or other commercial purposes. The current project for the company involves space solar power, building the satellites, beaming the power back to Earth to the grid, and delivering power over the entire planet, especially to nations that do not have electrical power readily available. There were many listener questions about using external tanks, wet versus dry launch, SSP and its economics, the hardware needed, the required launches, and more. Gene discussed financing obstacles and issues, congressional policy, public support and the interest for SSP in Asia, specifically India and China. One listener brought up the idea of using inflatable structures rather than aluminium external tanks. Listen to how Gene plans the use of both in his mission. Commercial markets and industries were also discussed and, as you will hear, Gene has been and is in contact with many on the commercial side space development for potential support in Space Island Group projects. You can learn more about the Space Island Group and its projects by visiting its website above. You might also consider sharing this interview and Gene's Space Island Group project with people you know in the energy and environmental fields, related blogs or websites as the energy and environmental components of SSP is very promising, reusable and certainly green. Remember also that there is a Discussion Board for your use at the Space Show FaceBook site. If you have a follow up comment or question for Gene Meyers, please send it to me at and I will forward it to him.



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