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Guest:  Dr. Namrata Goswami; Topics:  We talked about the new book authored by our guest, “Scramble for the Skies: The Great Power Competition to Control the Resources of Outer Space” along with multiple other topics ranging from the US space policy to international space policy with a focus on China, the Asia Pacific Countries, commercial space, public private partnerships, developing space resources and more.  Please follow the tags/key words as they provide a quick and accurate summary of topics discussed during our time with Dr. Goswami.

Tags/Key Words:  “Scramble for the Skies: The Great Power Competition to Control the Resources of Outer Space,”  SSP, space mining, space resources, mythology names, Apollo, Artemis, technology, space fairing countries, lunar return history, Artemis Accords, Public Private Partnerships, China, Wolf Amendment, long term planning compared to short term planning, Chinese CCP, China and the PLA in space, US space strategy, National Space Command, investment in space, climate and space, U.S. led space order, Chinese led space order, China and the Moon, Covid-19 and China, Chinese space policy White Paper, doing business with China, ESA, Asia Pacific Space Program, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, N. Korea, Iran, increasing space debris, space traffic management, Japan and China, New Zealand, strategic mapping of China, Biden Administration with China and space, US regulatory environment, space property rights.

We started the discussion with our guest introducing us to her new book, “Scramble for the Skies.”  Dr. Goswami talked about the format, the main chapters and their special order, topics and subtopics, the importance of myths in our history and culture and how they show up as the names for space projects and missions.  Listen to her examples as she provided us with several.  From discussing her book, we moved to talking about China and space.  Talking China was a significant part of our program but in doing so, our guest also narrowed in on how other countries have worked with China in space, still do, and how many, especially in the Asia Pacific region, compete with China.  Chinese lunar policy was a substantial part of the discussion as was China and the Covid -19 virus and how that has impacted others in wanting to work with China.  As you will hear, continuing to work with China post the Covid virus is complex but because China controls so much of what is needed not just by the US but by others that there is little choice but to work with them. In addition, sometimes to partner with China, especially in space. 

We fielded many email questions and comments from listeners.  Not surprising, most had something to do with China but also with the new Biden administration and possible changes in US space policy and priorities,  For example, will Artemis be a goal of the new administration.  Another questioner wanted to know why returning to the Moon was so important. Another wanted to know why our guest felt it was so important for America to lead in space rather than China.  J

The Asia Pacific Space Program received lots of attention.  In this part of our discussion, Dr. Goswami talked about the individual countries making up the Asia Pacific space community plus she told us their focus and how they were competing with China.  Don’t miss this discussion.  Another set of questions focused on a possible shift for NASA to deal with the climate.  Our guest had much to say on this topic.  Later in the program, our one caller, Ft. Worth John, asked about the risk of increasing space debris given all the upcoming international participation in space by launching small sats.  Our guest said it was a potential problem and talked about the new focus on space traffic management and related fields.  We then drifted back into talking about various international players and their space relationship with the US and also China. 

Dr. Goswami shared much timely and relevant information with us on a variety of topics during our time with her today.  If you have more questions for her, post them on our blog for this show and I will make sure she sees them.  If you want to get in touch with Dr. Goswami, you can do so through me at The Space Show email address.  Do post all comments/questions on our blog for the benefit of all listeners.




Dr. Goswami on national security space, China, space policy and more

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22 Jan 2021 Dr. Namrata Goswami
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