Broadcast 449 (Special Edition)

22 Jan 2006 Dr. Harvey Willenberg
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Dr. Harvey Willenberg returned to The Space Show for this special program focusing on space for energy uses, HE3, fusion, nuclear power, fossil fuels, space solar power and more. Dr. Willenberg does a superb job discussing these topics from the perspectives of science (physics) breakeven analysis, engineering breakeven analysis, and the economic breakeven analysis, then blending them all together for a sane energy program. We had questions on fusion, HE3, alternative energy, energy from space, the politics of space energy and much more. This is certainly a must listen to program as it addresses some of the most important issues we face today here on Earth as well as for space development. I cannot stress the importance and the quality of this program and Dr. Willenberg's insight and tutorial. You can send comments or questions to Dr. Willenberg through me at and I will forward them to Dr. Willenberg. Please share your feedback on Dr. Willenberg's comments with both Dr. Willenberg and me.



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