Broadcast 431 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

22 Dec 2005 Dr. David Schrunk
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Dr. David Schrunk returned to The Space Show for this program. We began the discussion talking about the lunar south pole region known as Malapert Mountain. According to Dr. Schrunk, it is the ideal site for the first permanent lunar base for a variety of reasons, including its height. You will want to learn more about this south pole region of the Moon. We then turned our attention to his new book, "The End of Chaos: Quality Laws and the Ascendancy of Democracy." For more information about the book, visit The book can also be ordered on David has created the Quality of Laws Institute and his work is focused designing laws with quality control just as everything else in our life and society is designed with quality controls. He proposes a Quality Assurance Program for all laws, administered by something similar to a scientific panel or committee. We also discussed how this type of program and application would be most useful in developing new laws and legal regimes for space and astro law. We even discussed the program in the context of existing UN treaties. This is also an important Space Show program. I suggest you listen to what Dr. Schrunk is saying and contact him with your comments, questions, and feedback. His email address is



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