Broadcast 3857 Dr. John Horack

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Guest:  Dr. John Horack; Topics:  The increasing value and wealth of LEO plus additional commercial/NewSpace activities and sectors, economic growth and national security.

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We welcomed for the first time to The Space Show Dr. John Horack from Ohio State to discuss the value and wealth of LEO, the private sector space economy, economic growth and significance plus the increasing importance of commercial space to national security.  As with previous Space Show program summaries, the tags and key words have been repeated below as they do a very effective job of summarizing our discussion topics, callers and email questions.

Tags and Key Words:  Dr. John Horack, Ohio State, the commercial value of LEO, long term perspective for value, future LEO value estimates, private equity, telecom industry, launch industry, mergers, industry bifurcation, market potential, the value of the right team, growth, learning from space, customers, U.S. has first stage advantage, ESA, other space nations, human spaceflight market, ISS, satellites for science, GPS, space weapons, China, SLS, space mfg, ISDC 2022, GEO markets, space economy integrating with way of life, Earth Day 2022, impact of Ukraine on commercial space, commercial space challenges, liquidity issues, risk assessment, orbital debris, space traffic mgmt, space settlement for the long term, gravity RX, space tourism.

.In addition to the topics mentioned above, our guest was asked about today's economic problems, rising interest rates, inflation, supply line shortages plus all of what we hear and see daily on the news and the impact it might have on commercial space investment.  Our guest provided us with a good understanding of these events as applied to space, commercial space and the new importance of the space private sector to national security, i.e. Ukraine.  Make sure you hear all of what he said but he did say their would be ups and downs along the way but the general direction was for growth and prosperity with the space economy.  Other topics included a discussion on the flow of capital, the cost of money and the usual commercial success stories involving launch and communications though pay attention to what he said was emerging and developing. Also not what our guest said late in the show regarding risk assessment and liquidity for NewSpace investments. 

Also discussed was space competition from our adversaries, primarily Russia and China.  Russia was downplayed but China was clearly being seen and addressed as a force to contend and compete with, both with policy and actions.  Our guest brought in commentary about SLS, China's lunar plans and capabilities, and the need for the U.S. to maintain our lead in space advantage.  When asked about space settlement, he supported it but said it was a long term proposition. He also amplified the need for humans in space and figuring out the gravity RX.  Returning to the Moon to stay was as he said, an important goal and objective.

Before ending, our guest offered concluding comments which you certainly want to hear.  He talked about our living in interesting times with lots of interesting people doing interesting things with amazing capabilities.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach our guest through me or his Ohio State faculty website page.




The booming LEO economy and more

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22 Apr 2022 Dr. John Horack
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