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Guest:  Charles Miller; Topics:  Charles talked about his new company Lynk Global and global mobile wireless satellite connectivity, market size and development, aspects of space policy, returning to the Moon, space settlement and more.

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We welcomed Charles Miller of Lynk Global back to the show to discuss the communications objectives and programs with Lynk, global cellphones, satellite connectivity and much more.  Later in the program Charles was asked about space policy, space settlement, commercial space PPP with NASA plus a host of additional issues.  To best and most effectively summarize this comprehensive discussion, I will once again rely on the tags and the key words to highlight the topics discussed along with my commentary on matters that most caught my attention.

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During the first half of so of our program, we talked about Lynk Global, their market, connecting global cell phones to the Lynk low LEO constellation of micro satellites which will number 5,110 when the constellation has been completed.  Charles explained the technology being implemented by Lynk and what was special about it.  In addition, several times our guest told us the size and depth of the global market, comparing it the market size of other ventures say doing rural internet wireless.  As you will hear, the global Lynk market is many times larger than even a Starlink market. 

Another topic that got my attention was the plan being implemented by Lynk to market directly to the companies such as ATT, Verizon, T mobile and others.  The companies will then make the seamless connecting service available to the customers but the companies would be free to offer this service for a fee or as part of their overall package.  As a result of listener questions, Charles spent time explaining to us how the system would prioritize connecting to Lynk over other available network connections.  Don't miss this part of the discussion.

Other topics I found interesting were the end of life protocols for their satellites, what the company was doing to mitigate the LEO debris problem which they take very seriously, plus what Charles had to say about the LEO light pollution from all the satellite constellations and astronomical interference.  You may be surprised by parts of this discussion so do listen to all of it.  Please post your thoughts about the light pollution problem on our blog.

Fremont John was a caller with many topics.  We talked about settlement, free space settlements and space stations, the need for the gravity RX and the NASA policy on space settlement which at one time Charles lobbied against since NASA's chartered policy by Congress did not and still does not permit a focus on settlement.  Charles had much to say on all of these topics, including prioritizing the determining of the gravity RX for human spaceflight BLEO.

Jumping ahead, we digressed from discussing Lynk when Dr. Doug asked Charles for his thoughts on space policy.  At first Doug's question was too broad but when Charles asked him to narrow it, Doug then asked Charles for his top priorities in space policy.  Charles said first was cancelling SLS which had been discussed in some detail earlier in our discussion.  Next, Charles wanted to enable the large scale development of the solar system.  That was also broad so Charles spent time breaking it down for us.  Once again, let us know your thoughts on this by posting on our blog.

I asked Charles for his thoughts on Artemis, certain groups wanting to be able to do Moon direct and bypass Artemis and the Gateway, and more.  Listen to how Charles wanted to refocus Gateway for an enhancement for solar system access.  Also what he had to say about getting to the Moon the most effective and economical what, whatever that was.  And letting the private sector figure out the best way.  Another late discussion topic was the light pollution topic already mentioned re LEO and multiple satellite constellations.

Our program with Charles was fully packed with lots of information.  Listen to all of it - carefully.  Let us know what you think about what our guest had to say by posting on our blog for this show.  You can reach our guest, Charles Miller, through me or his company Lynk Global.




Charles talks his new company Lynk Global, Inc. and more

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21 Nov 2021 Charles Miller
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