Broadcast 3416 Annual Fundraising Campaign with Dr. Space

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Dr. David Livingston;  Topics:  The launch of the 2020 annual fundraising campaign, why space and The Space Show, budgetary matters, modernization program, blog, live broadcasts vs. just podcasts and more.

Welcome to our 2020 Annual Fundraising Campaign Kickoff Program.  For this 48 minute program, I was the only person on air describing 2019 Space Show memorable activities, a partial listing of our great guests and topics during the year, budgetary issues, audio and phone issues, and more. 

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I opened this special fundraising campaign kickoff program with a hearty thank you to our listeners, guests, supporters, and contributors for making The Space Show the global success that it is.  I spent considerable time giving shout outs to The Space Show audience, guests, and callers all of you have made The Space Show what it is today and all of you deserve credit and thanks.  I told a few stories about what your support has meant to me on an individual basis and why I have so much love and respect for all of you.  I also talked about why financially supporting The Space Show was so very important, not just for us but for everyone given the very crucial role space plays in our global lives, economies and culture. 

I went over a few Space Show budgetary items plus the uses of Space Show funds.  Keeping in mind that The Space Show is a 501C3 with One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF), I talked about some of the key expenses, both fixed and variable though a bit more detail is provided in this summary.  Fixed expenses include the monthly overhead contribution to my office with its supporting infrastructure and utilities, plus computers and hardware for doing the programs.  Web hosting fees are also fixed (at least until the hosting company raises them again), live streaming fees, email newsletter fixed monthly fees (until Constant Contact raises them again), domain registration fees, plus there are variable expenses including our MCI toll free line which runs $55-60 per month, computer and audio repairs, website management fees, conference travel and accommodations, supplies as needed, along with other miscellaneous costs incurred from time to time.  We also incur bookkeeping and accounting fees and legal fees from time to time.  In addition to briefly summarizing some of the budgetary items, I noted that The Space Show pays no salaries and at this time has no consulting contracts. Our only form of income is from listener support.  I also make contributions to OGLF each year and have been doing so for the past 19 years.  I also went over our need to modernize our audio equipment in anticipation of ATT terminating our three analog land lines.  When this happens, to have the best audio possible, we will need to switch to digital hybrids and related gear.  I provided some details to the type of equipment needed and the estimated costs between which run between $10,400 to $20,000 depending on our replacing our 17 year old analog mixer or keeping it in play with digital hybrids.

Near the end of discussion, I talked about our space educational outreach to students of all grades in addition to helping to tell the space story to the general public given the importance of space to us all.  I frequently guest lecture at schools and universities around the country on space matters plus as you know, we devote several hours of programming with great guests on this general topic.

Early in the program I read a partial list of names of many of our 2019 guests but toward the end I also called out a few early January 2020 scheduled guests to illustrate the fact that The Space Show was continuing to present great guests on cutting edge topics. I apologize if I missed an important guest name or two in mentioning 2019 guests but we had so many programs with outstanding guests and topics that I could not read them all on air.  One thing made clear during this 48 minute program was the fact that TSS airs all sides to an issue and does not nor will it avoid controversy, even when airing a particular point of view angers some listeners who might and often do terminate their support and listening to TSS.  We believe in debate and letting topics be fully discussed and aired with the listener using his or her discernment as to what was being said.  We do not set out to anger anyone but airing all sides of  an issue, even if controversial, is an important part of our educational process. 

Before ending the program, I once again thanked all the listeners, guest, and supporters of TSS over the past 19 years. I accredited the great success of the program each and everyone of you and I spoke from my heart as I think you will be able to tell. By the way, Pepper was resting next to me for this entire program so note my short shout out to her near the end of the program.

I thank each and everyone one of you for all that you have done and will continue to do for space education, developing a better world through space, for your own inspiration and your inspiring me to always do a better job hosting and running The Space Show.  We do need your financial support so please do contribute and support us during our annual campaign drive now underway.  If you are interested in being a 2020 Sponsor or Advisory Board member, email me for details. 

My best to all of you for a great Thanksgiving Holiday even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. 

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The launch of our 2019-2020 Annual Fundraising Campaign

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21 Nov 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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