Broadcast 3328 Dr. Bruce Cordell

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Guest:  Dr. Bruce Cordell;  Topics: Lunar return space policy in the context of trends based on Maslow Window opening opportunities plus more.

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We welcomed Dr. Bruce Cordell back to the show for updates with his research on space trends based on his analysis of Maslow Window openings and opportunities in support of large space projects based on prosperity and economic growth.  During our one segment, one hour 49 minute discussion, we unfortunately lost the phone connection with our guest multiple times.  This was very frustrating, especially since it took time to reconnect given his cell phone plus hard line phone issues.  I apologize for the multiple interruptions.  While I have edited out the dead air, my frustrating comments along with the discussion with Bruce about his phone line issues once we reconnected, we still had a detailed one hour 4orty-nine minute discussion regarding the trends, opportunities, and risks ahead for us with our national space program.

Bruce started the show by once again introducing us to the concept of Maslow Windows of opportunity to accomplish large scale economic and growth oriented projects with Apollo as an example.  Bruce cited history going back a very long time to help us understand these large scale projects and the economic conditions in the country and around the world that helped bring them about.  Listen to his historical summary and explanation because it set the stage for going forward to today.

Toward the end of his introductory and historical summary, I began asking questions to bring us to modern times.  One thing I wanted to know was how the Maslow Window opportunity might be impacted by today's hyper-partisanship in our country.  Bruce spent some time responding to this question.  In fact, he kept returning to it off and on for the duration of our program.  Clearly policy plays a huge part in taking advantage of a Maslow Window opportunity. By the way, listen to his many comments on just how long a Maslow Window of Opportunity stays open.  We could very well miss the opportunity and see the window close for the type of space project talked about earlier in today's program, all based on our politics, narrow band thinking (my concept), and behavior.

In the context of my partisanship question, Bruce brought up behavior and the classic scholarly work done under the title of Animal Spirits.  In fact, he referenced a 2010 famous book, "Animal Spirits" by George Akerlof and Robert Shiller.  Bruce had much to say about political and related animal spirit behavior, good and bad, and how that might end up contributing to our missing the Maslow space project window but it could also work to enable the window.  In the context of this discussion, Bruce brought up how very important it was for a leader or someone to change the story that is being told and to lead with the new story which would be conducive to accomplishing the project or mission goal.  He gave examples of this with the Trump administration, how easy it was and is to ruin a story (the infamous Trump tweet from earlier this month about the Moon program), and much more.  As I said on the air after we came back from one of the phone line disruptions, I've been working to change the commercial space story for years yet I question my success in driving home an important new story that resonates with folks, mainly outside the space community.  I did say it was very hard to change the story and if it concerns the public at large, it is even harder but it is important to do so in my opinion.  Listen to this discussion and then post your comments about it and what you believe regarding this subject.  Post them on our blog. We want to hear from you. 

A listener asked Bruce about going to the Moon or Mars in the context of a Maslow opportunity.  Bruce had much to say about this even going back in history when Mars was not on the table.  This discussion brought him back to animal spirits when he said that JFK had positive animal spirits. 

In addition to other listener email question. Bruce talked about distractions and diffusion of purpose on the way to reaching the large project space goal.  He mentioned North Korea as an example. He also talked about flashpoints including China.  Don't miss this part of the discussion.  He then took a question from Bob in Denver wanting to know if international participation in the big space project was supported by the Maslow Window.  He said it was, that it broadened it, and he had much more to say about international space project participation.  You don't want to miss this part of our discussion.  Before moving on, Bruce was asked how the private sector such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and others fit into the Maslow window.  Bruce said they were an essential part of it and a component that was significantly different from the JFK era Maslow opportunity.  Once again, don't miss this discussion.

Before the program drew to a close, Bruce got a note from listener Paul wanting to know if space settlement added to the chances for a Maslow window to open up with great success.  Listen to what Bruce had to say regarding space settlement.  You might be surprised.

Before we ended, Bruce talked about the book he was writing on Maslow Windows for space.  Larry got in a closing question wanting to know if there was a big accident on the part of a private company, might that slow down or close the window.  Bruce had much to say in response to Larry's question but listen and let us know what you think.  Hint:  He talked about the Apollo 1 fire.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Bruce Cordell on our blog for this show. Bruce can be reached through me or his website




Dr. Cordell provides a timely analysis of events impacting our space policy and return to the Moon program

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21 Jun 2019 Dr. Bruce Cordell
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