Broadcast 352 (Special Edition)

21 Jun 2005 David Ashford
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David Ashford, Managing Director for Bristol Spaceplanes in the UK, was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Ashford addressed many of the issues relating space planes, why NASA and the aerospace industry do not build them, and how they could be built, using the Bristol model, for lower cost space access. Visit the Bristol website at to see the evolutionary step by step approach Mr. Ashford has designed to go from a basic suborbital space plane to a mature orbital space plane. We also discussed the economics of chemical rockets and management operations, return on investment, amortization, the space elevator, and solar sail technology. Space tourism was a major theme throughout this program as Mr. Ashford definitely sees space tourism as being the market driver for reusability and frequent flights. Mr. Ashford can be reached by email at As always, you can send your email comments or questions to me at and I will forward them to Mr. Ashford.



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