Broadcast 1194 (Special Edition)

21 Jul 2009 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: Media interviews and privacy, NASA, Ares 1 and pork, Iran, How to be a guest on The Space Show. This two hour program was an Open Lines program divided into three segments. During the first segment, I covered a few topics and issues that I thought needed airing and discussing. For example, for listeners wanting to contact me or ask a question, please use, do not send me messages through Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I talked about doing media interviews and being misquoted, edited beyond the point of reason and the overall frustration of being manipulated as fair game in this process. I also talked about what I consider to be privacy violations by people with cell cameras, Flip Video, etc. taking video or pictures and audio, doing whatever edits please them and then putting these cuts on YouTube or other online outlets. Perhaps some of you have been impacted in this way. I announced my strategy in doing interviews and known speaking appearances, but being secretly photographed or recorded does leave a person vulnerable. I cautioned people to realize that even a seemingly private conversation might not be private and could be made public , especially if people know who you are and you said something that some might be considered controversial, explosive or noteworthy. Some of this is really maddening and you will hear my passion about it in this segment. Also during this segment, I talked about people who self invite themselves to be a guest on The Space Show and why I am reluctant to invite them on the show as a guest. For anyone interested in being a guest on The Space Show, the best path is to call during an Open Lines program and tell us what you have to say and let us hear you and how you say it. This is a genuine invitation. During the second segment of the show, we received a call from Andrew in Tucson to follow up on recent discussions we have had with him on the manufacturing process in Iran pertaining to their ability to make rockets and missiles. Andrew provided us with a YouTube video but YouTube went down during our discussion so listeners and I could not follow what Andrew was saying real time. The URL for the Iranian video is so check it out. Andrew may call in during the second hour of the Friday show to finish explaining what we see in this video. Toward the end of this segment, Dr. Jurist called in from Montana to ask about the way space advocacy has been changing, good or bad, and its impact on space policy. This was a good discussion though I dominated it with long comments and answers. Hear what I had to say about the impact of space advocacy and how it might work best. While there is definitely some Kool Aid in advocacy, overall I think it is a plus for moving space policy and space programs forward. You can hear my full comments and this discussion on the show and I don't think you will want to miss it. Dr. Jurist also brought up my comments from previous programs about SpSt students not knowing who Alexander Solzhenitsyn was and wondering if the same applied to the ISU students I was meeting at the Ames summer session. Since I did not ask any of them that question, I can only assume most of the students I met would fair far better because their European or global education was likely more history inclusive than what many U.S. students now get in their various high school and college programs. In the last segment which was long, we talked about the ISU students and programs and UND SpSt programs and students. Both programs are excellent but they address different markets and I believe the students I have met at the ISU Summer Session at NASA Ames this summer to be extremely well educated, rounded, mature and bright. Mel, one of my former UND students and an alum of the program took issue with what I said about SpSt students in a blanket statement and I did apologize as Mel was correct in pointing out that my blanket statement about SpSt students was unfair and yes, it was. If you want to hear Dr. Space apologize for an unfortunate faux pas, listen to this show. Mel also provided a response to Tom who heard the moon hoaxers on the cable TV news shows talking about Apollo 11. Mel mentioned the LRO photos of the Apollo landing sites. If you have not seen these landing site photos, check them out from the LRO website or Google for them. Kelly called the show in this segment and we had a lengthy discussion about the NASA culture that would facilitate Dr. Griffin or any NASA executive to commit so many resources to the Ares I vehicle design. Kelly thought it had to do with pork, that is spread the jobs and manufacturing around in as many states as possible to make it cancel proof. We discussed this strategy and I recalled something like this was said at a NASA Houston conference I attended a few years back wherein it was told to us that by spreading the jobs around to as many congressional districts as possible, they were making sure the program would not be cancelled. You will want to hear this discussion. We also talked about the F-22 fighter, the recent U.S. Air Force and Indian Air Force fighter competition wherein the U.S. Air Forced did not do well flying F-15s against Migs and other fighters used by the Indian Air Force. One older article about this type of competition can be found at At several points during this program, potential guests were invited to call the show and let us hear about their topics of interest. Unfortunately, none called. Where did all the self-invited and potential Space Show guests go? If you have a question or comment about this Open Lines program, please contact me at If you want to send a note to any of our callers, send it to me and let me know who you want to receive it and I will forward it to the person of your choice. One last thing in that Jim sent in a question about doing debates on the show with guests of differing views. Yes, this would be welcome so if any of you have a topic to suggest for such a debate and guests in mind on both sides of the issue, I want to hear from you. I would welcome such programming.



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