Broadcast 376 (Special Edition)

21 Aug 2005 Gene Kranz
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Gene Kranz returned to The Space Show for this special program. Mr. Kranz talked about his upcoming History Channel sequel, "Beyond The Moon" Failure Is Not An Option II." The show airs August 28, 2005 on The History Channel, 9PM ET and PT. In addition to discussing this upcoming television special, we spoke at length with Mr. Kranz about the Space Exploration Vision (SEV) including the technology needed, the role of Congress, NASA, the American people, and the press. Mr. Kranz delves into each of these areas along with Space Show listeners to see if we still have the "right stuff" to get back to the Moon and go on to Mars. Mr. Kranz was asked about China and its policy, Skylab, political, NASA, and private-sector leadership, the need for people to explore, and the value of the space program in terms of it being larger than space or any space destination. Mr. Kranz, in response to a listener question, explained why it is taking much longer to go to the Moon this time than it did the first time we went to the Moon, he was asked to provide three things he learned from Apollo to not do again regarding a space program and three things he learned from Apollo that he would do again. Mr. Kranz brings both unique experience and insights to the discussion of becoming space faring and what he has to say should be noted. In addition, one listener asked him about space organizations and agendas and which one if any he liked the best. Mr. Kranz did answer this question so listen to the interview to find out his response. If you have questions for Mr. Kranz, please send them to me at and I will forward them to his representative at The History Channel.



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