Broadcast 329 (Special Edition)

21 Apr 2005 Dr. Allan Paull
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Dr. Allan Paull joined the growing Space Show guest family with this very special Thursday evening program to discuss the Australian HyShot Scramjet Test and Flight Program and scramjet technology in general. We started the interview with a good basic explanation of scramjet technology and where we are today with developing scramjets as well as what the future might hold for scramjets. Many listeners asked technical questions about scramjet engines, rocket and flight parameters, fuel used, ablative materials and temperature and operational windows for scramjet vehicles. We talked about the possibility of scramjets providing the first stage of a cost effective launch system to LEO and beyond , for use as a space tourism vehicle or point to point transportation vehicle, all the while with Dr. Paull insisting on discussing economics of such vehicle development as well as the market potential for the vehicles and the financing. In fact, throughout the interview Dr. Paull insisted on holding to a standard which included obeying the laws of physics and paying attention to sound business, planning, marketing, and financial rules and analysis. We also talked about alternative launch methods besides scramjets with Dr. Paull providing his opinion on balloon launch concepts and the space elevator. He brought up the fact that we have reached the economic limit of chemical rockets so to do anything cost effective, we need another approach, be it a scramjet or something else. This is an information packed action oriented interview. Dr. Paull is a superb guest with a great sense of humor, realism, and a solid foundation in the complex world of getting into space regardless of how it can be done. He is a first rate educator, scientist, and researcher, is involved in cutting edge science and R&D! You must hear this program. Dr. Paull can be reached at the HyShot website which is or through the University of Queensland website. As always, I will be more than happy to forward email to Dr. Paull if you send your notes or questions to him in care of



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