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Guest:  Dereck Williams;  Topics:  Dereck introduced us to his company, Start Aerospace (see  There were multiple questions and a call regarding the new business model being proposed by Dereck and his company.

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We welcomed Dereck Williams from Start Aerospace to the program to discuss their new business model for space startups and entrepreneurs engaging or planning to engage in space related manufacturing.  For more details, check out the company website at  I started off our discussion by asking Dereck how and when he got his interest in space and if his terrestrial engineering and business activities helped prepare him for space projects and engineering.  I also wanted to know if it was an easy transition to the space side of things.  While this was a short part of our discussion, it was interesting, especially when Dereck addressed his terrestrial experience and how that was directly related to and beneficial for engaging in space projects and aerospace engineering.  Dereck led into Start Aerospace by talking about liking challenges, doing things that had not yet been done or that others had tried but were unable to do.  As a result of his liking the challenges he talked about, aerospace engineering and design was and still is made for him.

Multiple listener questions came in by email mostly asking about how the company could provide the variety of needs for all the different start up space companies.  For example, Todd wanted to know about Start hiring specialists for this and then for that and then maybe for another company.  Or could Start Aerospace have a one engineer fits all labor pool meeting the different needs of all their customers.  Don't miss how Dereck responded to that particular question.  Another listener asked if the company was taking a back end position or an equity position in their customer's project.  So far no but it was being discussed.  To help understand their business model better, a few listeners gave him a hypothetical business example and then tried to explain what it would be like with his company working on that project. One example was based on an SSP business model.  Another example was formulated to solving the gravity RX, then building a commercial business from the solution.  Don't miss Dereck's reply to that one.

Marshall called to talk computer language and the need for Start to have good comms among not only their management and employees but the same for their customers.  Additional commentary focused on the items that Start was responsible for in the contract and those that the customer would be responsible for based on their agreement.  Even patents and copyrights were discussed as was the idea that Start would help the company in how best to transport finished goods to market or the distribution points.  Before ending the program, a listener asked Dereck to explain what he meant by symbiotic manufacturing.  Another good response from Dereck you don't want to miss.

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this show.  You can reach Dereck through The Space Show, the email address he gave out on air or through his company website.





Dereck is the CEO of Start Aerospace ( He will discuss their new approach to commercial space manufacturing.

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20 Sep 2022 Dereck Williams
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