Broadcast 3378 Dr. David Warmflash

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Guest:  Dr. David Warmflash; Topics:  "Moon: An Illustrated History; From Ancient Myths to the Colonies of Tomorrow," Apollo's Biomedical Lessons, human lunar spaceflight and more.

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We welcomed Dr. David Warmflash to the program for a one segment 92 minute discussion regarding Apollo medical lessons learned, human spaceflight medical issues and his new book, "Moon: An Illustrated History; From Ancient Myths to the Colonies of Tomorrow."  NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM SUFFERED MANY CELL PHONE AUDIO GLITCHES, LOST COMMENTARY BY OUR GUEST AND OTHER CELL PHONE CONNECTION PROBLEMS.  I HAVE ASKED THE GUEST TO DO HIS BEST TO FILL IN MISSING DATA WITH BLOG POSTS ONCE HE REVIEWS THE RECORDING. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS POOR QUALITY AUDIO. 

We started our discussion by asking our guest to the recent article he wrote for the Spring 2009 issue of Mercury, Vol. 48 No. 2 titled "Apollo's Biomedical Lessons."  According to his article's tag line, Dr. Warmflash said "future lunar explorers will than the medical research and physiological observations of the NASA astronauts who first set foot on the Moon's surface nearly 50 years go."  Both Dr. Warmflash and I then proceeded to discuss many of the biomedical issues of the Apollo era.  Note that they are still issues today.  I'm sure you will find the commentary by the author to be most interesting as he discussed familiar human spaceflight issues with us but with new information and often from a different perspective.  Let us know what you think with your blog comments.

One issue that got special mention was pregnancy and child development in space.  Dr. Warmflash said not much was known but we needed to do relevant experiments to move forward in this area. Our guest was asked about human experimentation in this area and ethical issues.  Dr. Warmflash said it would be hard to do human experiments because of US and western ethical concerns but it would not surprise him if such research took place in countries without these concerns.  Don't miss this short discussion.

David moved on to tell us about his becoming the Science Advisor for the new project, "Let's Rover the Moon" which is an initiative spun off of SpaceIL. He said it was such a new project that not much was known or so far disclosed.  This brief discussion led to a slightly larger discussion regarding space law and constraints on what science missions could be carried out on the Moon.  The Tardigrade issue was brought up as an example regarding science on the Moon.

Our guest next focused on his new book, "Moon: An Illustrated History; From Ancient Myths to the Colonies of Tomorrow."   He said it contained 100 vignettes about Moon stories.  He talked quite a bit about lunar science missions, Apollo 11 and then Apollo 12.  He referenced milestones for each mission plus he had crew stories to share with us. Later he talked about Dr. Eugene Shoemaker and his long standing relationship with the Moon.  

In talking about his book and lunar culture and myths, our guest mentioned the Metonic Cycle, Ancient Greece and ancient calendars with lunar 19 year cycles.  Our guest provided us with a condensed lunar history from ancient times to modern times for the rest of our discussion.  Listeners brought up additional issues and questions.  For example, lunar cults were mentioned and one listener inquired about the lunar cycle and women.  Listen to why our guest said this latter issue was not included in his book.  Another listener asked about the Man in the Moon myth.  Here our guest had much to say on the subject going back to very ancient times up to modern lunar space missions.  

As we neared the end of the discussion, our guest talked about the availability of his book, where you can find it and some locations where he planned on speaking in the near future.  You can find out more about our guest, his work and schedule at  You can also follow our guest on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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"From Ancient Myths to the Colonies of Tomorrow: MOON An Illustrated History" and more

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20 Sep 2019 Dr. David Warmflash
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