Broadcast 153 (Special Edition)

20 Sep 2003 Robert Noteboom
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Robert Noteboom, the Chairman of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF), was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Noteboom discussed the SFF in detail, the coming SFF conference in Los Angeles from Oct. 10-12 and how to attend and make reservations for it, the conference agenda, and the significance and importance of both the SFF and this conference. In addition, we explored many topics relevant not only to the theme of The Space Show, but becoming space-faring. The topics discussed commercial space business planning and financing, potential lunar commerce and access, commercial asteroid exploitation and development, Mars, Martian settlements, and humans to Mars missions. We discussed the International Space Station, the current and probable future of the Space Shuttle, the NASA plan for the Orbital Space Plan, the developing private-sector suborbital launch industry, its potential and importance, orbital space planes and their development, space tourism, space access for all, NASA and its plans and vision, and much much more. Mr. Noteboom has a commanding understanding and knowlege of what is going on in the space community, both from the public and the private-sector points of view. He did a superb job of sharing with us the full breath of his knowlege.



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