Broadcast 416 (Special Edition)

20 Nov 2005 Irene Schneider
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Ms. Irene Schneider was the guest for this Space Show program. We focused the interview on radiation issues regarding the human exploration of Mars. As part of this discussion, space radiation in general was discussed in some detail, starting in LEO, going to the Moon, staying on the Moon, Mars, settling on Mars, and elsewhere in space. We also talked about what makes a planet habitable and Ms. Schneider's thesis research topic which addresses the evolution Mars as a habitable climate and place for some sort of biological life to have existed in the past. The issue of microbial life on Mars today was also discussed though the answer is still not clear. Ms. Schneider was asked questions about space suit properties for LEO, the Moon, and Mars, and she explained the unique needs of each environment as to radiation and also dust. Irene also hypothesized why Mars is so popular in our culture and such a large attraction for us here on Earth. This is a fast moving, exciting, and informative show that you will want to hear over and over again. If you would like to ask follow up questions of Ms. Schneider or send her a comment, please do so through me at



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