Broadcast 318 (Special Edition)

20 Mar 2005 Dr. John Jurist
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Dr. John Jurist, scientist and commercial space investor returned for this Space Show program. We began the discussion with a detailed look into the human factors that will likely apply to both space flight participants and crews per AST guidelines now under consideration. Dr. Jurist pointed out some reasonable medical risks that space flight participants might encounter and how to best screen for them in the application process for a ride to space. We talked about non-space flight doctors being able to certify someone to fly in space and how they might obtain the necessary training and certification. In the second part of the program, we turned our attention to examining the criteria a space investor might look for in investing in an business venture. As Dr. Jurist is an investor and financial supporter of other types of ventures, he is uniquely qualified to discuss this subject from the investor perspective. Dr. Jurist started this discussion with his "Jurist's 10 Commandments of Space Investing" and from this discussion, we hit on the need for specific business planning, strategy development, management team experience and qualifications, financial projections and underlying assumptions. In response to numerous questions, Dr. Jurist went into some detail pointing out the necessary specifics of these planning necessities in addition to explaining how some businesses fail to provide the information needed or simply do not understand the importance of such information. This is a very detailed program on guidelines for investing in an business venture and for the management team, it explains some of what they need to provide to sophisticated and accredited investors and what they can do to facilitate their attracting capital and business success. In the final section of the program, we talked about limitations faced by the and aerospace industry in obtaining low cost to LEO flights using chemical rockets. This part of the discussion was part of an overall theme for The Space Show since early this year in helping to educate the public about the problems involved in obtaining low cost to LEO space access, what it means to pump a deal with rhetoric and "true believer" type of claims, and how best to work with what is available on a reality basis to move the industry forward to where someday in the future a mature space access industry can exist with true low cost LEO access. Listeners wanting to ask questions or provide comments to Dr. Jurist can reach him at or by sending email to and I will forward the notes to Dr. Jurist.



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