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Guest:  Dr. Avi Loeb;  The Galileo Project designed to get new scientific and factual information regarding UAP's and other potential ET sightings.  You can see the goals of the Galileo Project at  We talked about getting scientific information using telescopes, classified info & more.

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We welcomed Professor Avi Loeb back to the program, this time to discuss his new Galileo Project (  Dr. Loeb introduced us to the project and said that the purpose was to get quality scientific factual information for analysis to answer origin and other important questions about possible ET civilizations.  While the UAP parts of the project was most talked about on our program, Dr. Loeb discussed other data coming from satellites plus other observational phenomena.  Lots of email questions came in about government data, classified information, secrets, breaking or at least challenging the laws of physics and more.  Listeners to Space Show programs were familiar with these issues and challenges as TSS has covered the UAP-Tic Tac matter for a number of years.  Dr. Loeb did address all of the concerns above but the bottom line for him and the project rests with their ability to collect new, scientifically valid information through a telescope system plus the use of AI robotic tools, simply ignoring what the government may have.  Many times over he said the government may have more information or secret or dark information but they can't see it so they just dismiss it and have to collect their own scientific data. He talked about people having access to government data and being bound by an NDA, something else we have frequently spoken about on TSS.

Our guest described the telescope system they were going to build on the roof of one of the Harvard buildings as a demo to prove out their concept.  Their goal is to deploy hundreds, if not thousands of the telescope systems in hotspots all over Earth.  The Galileo Project is a $100 million dollar program of which so far they have $2 million.  Later in the show toward the end, with a question from Fremont John, Dr. Loeb said they would also be collecting satellite scientific data, not just relying on terrestrial data.  Additionally, with a call from Ft. Worth John on doing something other than the known laws of physics, Dr. Loeb referenced Voyager when he talked about trash to another civilization.  Don't miss the context of this part of our discussion. 

Other topics came us such as possible technology from our adversaries.  Keep in mind that the Navy tic tac videos were actually taken in the early 2000's so we would be looking at China or Russia having such advanced technology during that time period, not now.   In his response and the ensuing discussion with John, once again Avi said they were looking for non-human made criteria.  If it was human made, they were not so interested in it.

Our guest frequently referenced the work and strategy of Sherlock Holmes in terms of recognizing something that would be a scientific fact or not.  It is either this or not this.  Listen throughout the discussion for the Sherlock Holmes references.  What do you think of that analogy?  We next tackled the subject of humans to Mars

One of our listeners asked Avi for his thoughts on humans to Mars.  Should people be living on Mars someday, how would they look at ET possibilities.  Avi described living on Mars as worse than the worst possible place one could live on Earth.  He said they would be living underground, need protection from radiation, need food, water, and more. He said the better option was to send AI robots to space, including Mars.  He made a very strong case for the AI robots so let us know what you think of that idea.  The subject of AI astronauts also came up and we briefly discussed the TRL for such astronauts.  Next, Larry sent in a note asking Avi for his timeline to for having useful data, shedding light on the issues being examined, and getting the telescopes up and running.  Avi said maybe two years but much depended on their funding and as mentioned earlier, they still need to secure about $98 million in funding.  Our guest was then asked about locations for the telescopes. He said global hotspots for these types of sightings.  He thought maybe around ninety locations including S. California but that eventually he hoped to have hundreds or more telescope locations deployed around Earth. 

Avi did offer concluding comments including his long range funding plans, information on how to volunteer to help and assist The Galileo Project plus he got a late question about the possibility of metamaterials from unknown objects of unknown origins being obtained here on Earth.  Don't miss what he said in response to this question plus a few other late arriving listener questions and comments.  We had a hard stop for the program so but our guest did respond to all the questions and he took a very late last minute call from Fremont John on interstellar objects and getting data from space and satellites as mentioned earlier.  I took the opportunity to ask him one last quickie question.  I asked about his and other researchers bringing some spirituality, religious or belief in God to their searching through space for life, ET, all of it.  Make sure you hear what he said in response to my question.  You might be very surprised.  Again, let us know your thoughts on this last topic for the day by posting on our blog.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Loeb on our blog.  You can reach our guest through me or his faculty web page at The Center for Astrophysics at Harvard and Smithsonian.




Dr. Loeb returns to let us know about his Galileo Project

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20 Feb 2022 Dr. Abraham (Avi) Loeb
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