Broadcast 430 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

20 Dec 2005 Dr. David Klumpar
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Dr. Dave Klumpar with his two doctoral students, Brian Larsen and Mike Obland, from Montana State University were the guests for this Space Show program. We began the interview discussing the Space Science and Engineering Laboratory at Montana State University and then we went into the student program with Brian and Mike leading the discussion. Their program is student led and driven and it was interesting finding out about student satellite programs, their building and launching of them, and student rocket/propulsion efforts. Not only did we talk about how these programs are funded, we talked about the usefulness of student satellites, their types of payloads, the mission profile and more. Since Russian launch resources are used to save money, we also talked economics, the fact that there is no special pricing for educational institutions or organizations, thus its virtually mandatory that converted Russian military hardware be used rather than surplus American military hardware. Again, its all about the high cost of using even surplus American military hardware. ITAR is a problem and this too was discussed. The Montana State program also include high altitude balloon launches and Dr. Klumpar discussed this program as well. For more information about the Space Science and Engineering Lab at MSU, for information about the academic program at the university, or to ask follow up questions to Dr. Klumpar, Brian, or Mike, please send your e-mail to You can also contact me at and I will be sure to forward the email to Director Klumpar.



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