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Guest:  Dr. Judith Curry; Topics:  We Dr. Curry's new book, "Climate Uncertainty and Risk: Rethinking Our Response." In addition, Dr. Curry talked about climate science, solar and space climate influences, the dangers of dogma and ideology, bias in climate news and reporting, bad climate policies and decisions.

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We welcomed Dr. Judith Curry back to The Space Show to discuss her new book, "Climate Uncertainty and Risk: Rethinking Our Response." in addition to have a frank discussion with her about climate science today, ideology, dogma, bad management decisions regarding climate concerns and consequences, climate journalism and education, electric cars, green energy, natural gas usage in homes, fossil fuel and human usage, solar influence on climate, the role of space on understanding climate and bring forth new opportunities related to climate, the role of bias in media and policy, and so much more. As a guide to all the topics and subjects talked about with Dr. Curry today, please refer to our Tags as they do a good job in summarizing today's discussion.  The tags are repeated below for your convenience.

Tags:  Dr. Judith Curry, Climate Science, CLIMATE UNCERTAINTY AND RISK: RETHINKING OUR RESPONSE, ideology as a cause, bad management decisions for utilities & others, fires, blame, honest wildfire statistics, fossil fuel data, CO2 harmful to humans, UN IPCC, Little Ice Age, Dr. Curry's previous books, greening of the planet, hurricanes, Colorado river water and the western states draught, water desalinization, Miyake events (cosmic ray bursts), the sun and Earth's climate, solar influences on climate, 11 year solar cycle, Dr. Curry's personal climate story, searching for hard science, journalist climate desk, CO2 for consumers, nuclear power, Dr. Zubrin's book The Case For Nukes, wicked science, complex uncertainty, system science, multi-disciplinary, climate pragmatism, wicked problem with pragmatic solutions, fusion energy, large patterns of people absorbing dogma, electric power and grid stability, household difference with natural gas, thorium, Jordan Peterson, climate change for masses is superficial, Fermi Paradox and uniqueness, environmental to save the world, consequences of bad environmental, killing whales, CO2 beneficial to the eco system, space and climate information, NASA, ESA, small satellites, Geo technology, space age data, space is essential for climate studies, space creates new climate related opportunities, climate innovation and the private sector, space climate and environmental measurements, commercial implies customers not bias. 

In conducting this interview, I was fortunate to have had an advance copy of Dr. Curry's book so I had a few items marked for discussion.  One of the items I wanted Judy to talk about was her path through the climate field, first as a pro global warming academic but then her emergence to where she is today on the subject which is best left for her to explain in her own words. Note what happened to her in academia as she started asking uncomfortable questions and brought facts into climate discussions.  Keep reminding yourself that Dr. Curry was a tenured professor of high quality, reputation and fame.  Most people would not be facing her challenges with her reputation and credibility, yet she eventually opted out of the biased system.  This is an important story to keep in mind as we hear politicians, journalists and talking heads preach to us about climate change, influences, new must have mandatory policies and the like.

Early in the show Fremont John called to ask Judy about CO2 and humans.  The true story please.  Don't miss what Dr. Curry had to say to John and our audience on this topic.  By the way, CO2 was a recurring topic during today's program with respect to its climate and human/life/biological impact.  In fact, later in the program we had a caller asking about the carbon capture technology of today along with questions regarding the commercial use of CO2.  This part of the discussion then led to talking about nuclear power as a safe, green fuel which should be a lot bigger component in our total energy picture.

As we moved through various topics, I asked Judy about the term "wicked science" used in her book.  From this point forward, Judy classified things as wicked such as complex or wicked uncertainty, and wicked problems with pragmatic solutions.  Wicked science, simply put, refers to complex science, multi-disciplined with complex solutions. If you Google wicked science, you get something like wicked science refers to a world of wicked problems. Dr. Curry used it to refer to studying climate due to the uncertainty, complexity and wicked this and that stemming from all sorts of variations and changes that do and can impact our climate.  Wicked science requires scientists trained or at least willing to address and combat wicked evil problems based on complexity and uncertainty.  Climate science is a wicked science.  I found Judy's wicked science discussion in her book and to a lesser degree on the show (her book has much more on the topic than we could spend during our interview) to be very interesting, at times even fascinating. Since then, I've done more research about wicked science which I suspect will come up on Future Space Show programs with some of our guests.

Prior to concluding the program, a listener asked her about her interviews with Dr. Jordan Peterson and others on the subject.  While we did not spend that much time on her interviews, she did offer some interesting comments.  Fremont John posted links to these other Dr. Curry interviews which I recommend you hear.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Curry on our blog.  You can reach her through her own website, or through The Space Show.  





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20 Aug 2023 Dr. Judith Curry
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