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Guest: George Whitesides returned for this special Space Show program to discuss the upcoming ISDC conference, May 29-June 1 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. However, the Space Investment Summit will be held at the same hotel on May 28 and anyone attending ISDC should fill out the special registration for the Summit and attend it as well. The ISDC website for further information is During the ISDC segment of the program, George talked about the keynote speakers and several of the planned panel discussions. For example, we spent some time discussing the space solar power panel and its speakers. This is an important "hot" topic on The Space Show and in the space community. In fact, George told us about a special space solar power website on the NSS site that everyone should visit, George received several listener questions about the ISDC, networking opportunities at the conference, other topics, such as informed consent agreement discussions, and more. We also briefly discussed my own participation in the ICDC. This is an excellent comprehensive discussion of this year's ISDC, especially if you are attending or planning to attend the conference. As George is also the Senior Advisor to Virgin Galactic, we spent some time talking about the company, its economic impact, its plans, spaceports, and space tourism. Several of listener questions were specific for Virgin, but there were also spaceport and industry questions which George also fielded. For both topics, ISDC and Virgin Galactic (including the space tourism industry), this was an excellent discussion that you will not want to miss. If you have follow up questions or comments for George Whitesides, please put Space Show in the subject line and send your email to him at



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20 Apr 2008 George T. Whitesides
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