Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023 Welcome to the Dr. Jeff Bell Memorial Golden Oldie Week

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Listeners, as I will be gone on family matters for the week, I am suggesting you take a walk in time with me and listen to all or some of the very wise and interesting Dr. Jeff Bell who gave us 18 programs before taken by liver cancer in 2019.  I am listing the shows starting with the earliest.  Several of these shows focused on or spent lots of time on the DCX. I call this to your attention due to the upcoming DCX reunion and our doing a show with guest Jess Sponable on Tuesday, Oct. 10: Also note that three shows need repair and I hope to have the repair completed by our webmaster while I am gone. These are programs #627, #685 and #899.

Jeff Bell archives:

1.  #464, Feb. 28, 2006

2. #627, Nov. 21, 2006

3.  #685, March 15, 2007

4.  #1008, August 31, 2008

5.  #899, Feb. 26, 2008

6. #1095, Jan. 25, 2009

7.. #1253, Nov. 8, 2009

8.  #1350, April 24, 2010

9.  #1545, April 22, 2011

10.  #1615, Sept. 4, 2011

11.  #1669, Dec. 9, 2011

12. #1717, Feb. 20, 2012

13. #1811, July 10, 2012

14. #2214, March 24, 2014

15.  #2742, July 24, 2016

16.  #2787, Oct. 3, 2016

17.  #3078 March 12, 2018

18.  #3257, Jan. 22, 2019


Dr. Bell passed away from pancreatic cancer during the early days of March 2020.  The last program Jeff did with us he took us through his struggle and fight to prevail over his illness. Shortly before he lost the battle, I met him in person at Stanford University where he was seeing a noted pancreatic cancer doc in the hopes of a special treatment helping him. We had a great two days together - a real joy for both of us. Stanford could not offer him much but as I recall his Univ of Hawaii docs did implement Stanford protocols but it was too little too late for a cancer that just destroys that which it touches.

I thought and still think that Jeff, along with a few others, topped my list of guests that I learned from, that I hope the audience learned from, that became good friends with me and with other listeners from around the globe.  I miss Jeff all the time.  I miss his whit, his wisdom and even though I did not always agree with his hard truth as nails view of things focused on with The Space Show, he never ceased to inspire to seek facts and truth and report back to listeners to let them make up their own minds.  

For those of you who are long time listeners, another great guest we lost way too early was Charles Pooley.  Perhaps the next time I am away from the microphone, I will make it a Charles Pooley week of remembrance.  For sure I will be off the air the week of the AIAA  Ascend gig in Las Vegas in Oct.  Pooley is looking good for that week but for this week, lets remember Jeff Bell and if you don't agree or don't like what he said, fine but give it some thought as to why he said this or that about an issue or concern.

The next Open Lines show is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 8th.  If you would like to comment on Jeff Bell week or any of what he said or talked about back in the day, let's do it with your phone call or blog post on Open Lines.  If you want to comment on something you hear during Jeff Bell Memorial Week, post it on the blog closest to the date you listened to the show in question.  Each date I am gone this week will carry this identical message.

Thanks for listening and even more for supporting The Space Show.  Doing all this requires resources (not ISRU from the Moon or Mars but dollar resources here on Earth) so I ask you to support The Space Show. Use the PayPal link in the upper right of our home page. For Zelle donors, email your donation to david@onegiantleapfoundation.org. For old school check writers, make it payable to One Giant Leap Foundation and it mail it to OGLF, C/O Dr. David Livingston, 11035 Lavender Hill Drive, Suite 160-306, Las Vegas, NV  89135.

Thank you on behalf of the spirit of Jeff and myself.

David Livingston



Welcome to the Dr. Jeff Bell Golden Oldie Memorial Week

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19 Sep 2023 Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Jeff Bell
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