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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston; Topics:  Robert Jacobson's book "Space Is Open For Business," The Alliance For Space Development, Comet Neowise, Hope Mission to Mars launch, Covid-19 reports, small nukes for Trident sub, and more.

Welcome to our two segment two hour six minute Open Lines program.  We started off with our first caller, Robert Jacobson. Robert talked about his new book, "Space Is Open For Business, announced his new eBook giveaway program for today's listeners, both live and on archives, then talked about his activity with The Alliance For Space Development.  Robert joined them in lobbying for commercial space with members of Congress.  Robert talked about the experience and the goals/objectives for 2020 of the alliance.  You can find out more by visiting their special website,  You can learn more about Robert's new book at Robert's call was a lengthy and detailed call covering multiple commercial space topics plus his book.  If you are an archive listener to the show and want a copy of his eBook, listen for the code, send it to me and I will put you in touch with Robert to get the book.  Robert fielded many questions focused on his having lobbied and talked with congressional staffers on space.  The questions covered commercial space topics, national security and defense topics, plus China, the Moon, Mars and more.

Marshal was our next caller.  Marshall was interested in congressional staffer commentary about China and their return to the Moon efforts.  He also asked about staffers and what they might have said about Russia, ESA and the subject of SSP.  He thought SSP was made to order for environmentalists but I reminded him that the group as a whole has not been that favorable re SSP due to possible launch environmental damage to the atmosphere and ground.  Robert and Marshall finished up with Robert talking about the LEO commercialization program and cislunar development, all of which Marshall was interested in and a reason for his call.

For the second segment, we started off with a call from Ft. Worth John.  He wanted to talk about nuclear strategy and posted his information and a YouTube video on the blog for this show.  In addition, he mentioned the plans to put a small 5 Kiloton warhead on a Trident sub ICBM and wondered why such a small device would be on a Trident missile.  `Don't miss all of what Ft. Worth John had to say in his discussion. 

Michael Listner called next.  We talked about the soon to launch Hope Mission to Mars by the UAE with Japan providing the launch.  I mentioned to Michael my past Friday program with Dr. Jim Schwartz who wanted space only for science.  I suggest everyone listen to his interview from Friday, July 17, 2020.  Post your comments for that show on the specific blog for that program.  Remember, civility is required. We briefly talked about there being no space policy listed in the Biden for President website.  Michael had a few comments about that but typically space does not rise to being a presidential campaign issue.  I suspect that will be the case this year.

Tony from Los Angeles was our last caller.  He first talked about Comet Neowise, telling us how best to see it at this time.  We talked about both naked eye viewing and the use of binoculars to see it.  I spoke about it not being visible in my area due to weather and obstructions blocking low horizon view in the area where the Comet hangs out.  If you have seen Comet Neowise let us know.  Send photos too if you have any.  Post on the blog.  Tony then talked about the Hope launch which was about to take place. He gave us the launch time and how to see the live broadcast by the UAE network, Dubai One.  The launch was from the Japanese spaceport. After Open Lines ended, I did watch the live Hope launch using the feed on  It was a great launch and Hope is now on the way to Mars for a seven month trip.  I wish them great success in flight and also for the mission as well. I look forward to reports coming in from Mars from Hope.  Before leaving, I asked Tony for a Covid Los Angeles report as I have both family and very good friends in Los Angeles.  The Covid conditions in LA are pretty bad as they are in other parts of the country.  For the Bay Area which is where I am (on the northern side of it), they are also bad but not quite so as Los Angeles.

Please post your comments questions on this specific blog for this program.  If you want to reach any of the callers let me know. If you want the Robert free eBook offer, send me the magic code words and I will put you in touch with Robert to arrange delivery. 




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19 Jul 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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