Broadcast 300 (Special Edition)

19 Jan 2005 Dr. Patrick Collins
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Dr. Patrick Collins was the guest for this 300th Space Show program. Dr. Collins began his discussion with an in-depth review and analysis of space tourism, space tourism vehicles, financing, and companies around the world. Dr. Collins went into some detail to explain why space tourism is so important and what it means to people everywhere, including job creation for a world suffering from sluggish or depressed economies and high unemployment. He also talked about the benefits space tourism offers the beginning of our availability to tap into unlimited resources. In addition to this in-depth look at the emerging space tourism industry, we discussed space solar power (SSP). Dr. Collins helped us explore not only the potential afforded by space solar power, but also the economics involved in developing it and then determining if the economics of SSP warranted its development. Listeners might be surprised with his answer which he thoroughly documents. Patrick answered many listener questions regarding space tourism, SSP, fusion, oil, energy, and politics. This is a a fascinating 90 minutes that you must hear. I look forward to Dr. Collins returning to The Space Show long before our 400th program!



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