Broadcast 290 (Special Edition)

19 Dec 2004 Frank Sietzen
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Frank Sietzen joined us today for a special program updating us on four important developments. These developments included the announcement that NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe had resigned, that virtually all of the requested NASA budget was approved, new details for the CEV were starting to be made public, and the passage by Congress of HR 5382. We began the discussion asking Frank for his thoughts on HR 5382 and he is supportive of the legislation. He clearly states why during the interview and does not believe that AST or anyone else will over regulate this new industry. Frank outlined the choices that are currently known for the position of NASA Administrator and what may be strengths and weaknesses of some of the candidates. We had a lengthy discussion about what a change at NASA might mean for the Hubble Space Telescope. You will not want to miss this most interesting Hubble discussion. Other topics of discussion included return to flight for the Space Shuttle, possible lunar and Martian landing sites, earth orbital rendezvous vehicles, drawing on existing technology for how we went to the Moon with the Saturn V and Apollo and trying to use that technology today versus starting fresh and going step by step to be able to create a new permanent presence on the Moon and then on to Mars. Again, a very interesting and informative discussion. Frank did a super job in outline the important developments of 2004 and letting us know what to expect and look for in early to mid-2005 for a continuation of the progress made this year regarding space development, etc. Don't miss this show. We will get Frank Sietzen back on the show in a few months.



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