Broadcast 539 (Special Edition)

19 Aug 2006 Dr. Larry DeLucas
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Dr. Larry DeLucas joined The Space Show guest family for this program to discuss protein crystallization in microgravity. Dr. DeLucas explained the basics to us, we spoke at length about both pharmaceutical and commercial interest and applications. We discussed space access and its costs in terms of doing something commercial in space regarding protein crystal growth. Dr. DeLucas explained the success ratio, compared it to growing proteins on Earth, talked about the need for a gentle re-entry and what that means, why the g-force will damage the proteins, and much more. We also spoke about science education, funding, NASA's role in this, and also the role of the federal government, NSF, etc. Dr. DeLucas is the expert in this field and this program is most informative about this promising commercial business, practically ready to go right now if we had reliable, routine, affordable space access. For further questions and comments, send what you have for Dr. DeLucas to me at and I will forward them to him. Dr. DeLucas will certain return to The Space Show as a guest.



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