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Guest:  Dr. Anita Sengupta;  Topics:  Dr. Sengupta's new company,, hydrogen propulsion for aviation, fuel cells, storage issues, hydrogen economics, hydrogen safety facts, hydrogen propulsion, creating a hydrogen infrastructure and more. 

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We welcomed Dr. Anita Sengupta back to the program to discuss her company which is working on hydrogen propulsion for aviation, Hydroplane.US ( .  Dr. Sengupta spent time introducing us to the potential of hydrogen propulsion, the different forms of hydrogen and why the ultimate goal would be to have liquid hydrogen.  Our guest answered multiple email questions plus we had two callers that had good discussions with her.  Anita was asked about the potential market for hydrogen aircraft which she described as being able to serve the emerging and developing urban air mobility market.  In discussing this market potential we talked about existing and future market demand, the cost of hydrogen fuel compared to gas and electric fuel with batteries, the development of VTOL craft and the capability of scaling up using hydrogen propulsion.  Also we talked about was the extensive use and need for hydrogen fuel cells and for the national development of a hydrogen infrastructure for both aviation and on the ground vehicles.

Anita received many questions about pilot training for a hydrogen airplane, performance specs with a hydrogen propulsion system, aircraft ceiling capabilities and timelines for the demo plus the company and Air Force programs. In addition, Anita was asked about safety using hydrogen propulsion and of course a listener, Sandra, brought up the example of hydrogen used with the Hindenburg disaster.  Listen to what our guest said about hydrogen safety, the Hindenburg and the use of hydrogen in a modern aviation power plant. 

Ft. Word John called to talk about he gaseous state of hydrogen in a fuel cell plus liquid storage.  Also, the current range of a hydrogen propelled craft as compared to the potential range with more R&D.  Refueling was talked in the context of the need for a hydrogen infrastructure and what Anita said was the holy grail for the use of hydrogen.  Listen to what our guest said that would be, then comment about it on our blog for this show.  After John's call, we heard from Marshall who brought up the subject of a wet wing.  This question focused in on hydrogen storage tank feasibility. 

Questions came up about the regulatory requirements for hydrogen and the FAA in working with hydrogen developers.  This led to a question from Jack in Boston about the possibility of investing in Hydroplane US.  Anita had much to say about investing, raising money, and working with a climate tech company which she explained to us.  She said it was important to work with a green media house.  Listen to her commentary on this subject and share your thoughts with us on our blog.

Our guest was asked about FAA Part 23 which was mentioned on her company website.  Anita talked about starting small and scaling up plus at various times during our discussion she mentioned possible timelines for development, testing, demo flights and more.  Later, she was asked about the service ceiling for their initial hydrogen fueled plane which she said would be 10,000 feet.  She told us they wanted to keep the vehicle unpressurized at first and said it was a challenge to use pressurization due to the need for more power.  Our guest was then asked if there was a difference between a low and high wing craft in terms of the hydrogen propulsion.  :Listener David inquired about a possible hydrogen propulsion hybrid.  Anita talked about such a system for a multi-engine plane but also talked about how complex such a system would be.  Anita mentioned she had a hydrogen powered car which we spent some time talking about.  She can only drive it in CA since this state is the only state with hydrogen refueling. 

Anita talked about her company having been in stealth mode but that they were now coming out of that mode for a more public presence.  She mentioned some airshows where they would be with a booth in the near future.

Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this show.  You can reach Dr. Sengupta through me or her website,




hydrogen fuel cell powered aircraft for Hydroplane Ltd.

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19 Apr 2022 Dr. Anita Sengupta
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