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Guest: Laurence Price. Topic: Orion CEV, human spaceflight, spaceflight safety. This is a special Space Show interview from the AIAA Space 2009 Conference held at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA. I sat down with Mr. Price for this interview in the Sheraton Hotel. It runs for approximately 75 minutes without a break. If you want to learn more about the Orion CEV, please visit the Lockheed Martin Orion website at Some of the topics discussed with Larry Price included changing Orion to a four person crew from a six person crew, using Orion for visiting the ISS, the Moon, a NEO, or even Mars. We discussed flexible layouts and designs including using different types of heat shields depending on the Orion mission. We also talked about using Orion on an EELV in case the Ares 1 program is cancelled as a result of the current space policy review underway. I asked Larry many questions about costs, cutting costs, astronaut/crew safety, and commercial spaceflight. We talked about the high cost of human spaceflight in government programs and how to lower that cost. We talked about government space program safety requirements versus what might unfold in the commercial markets that would be less costly. Another important topic we discussed was educational outreach and Mr. Price shared with us several of his own experiences going into schools to talk to young students. He then told us about their staffing and what they found when they advertised for qualified people to come work on the Orion project. You might be surprised when you hear this terrific story! Other topics included landing the CEV on land rather than on water, the crew escape system, lunar and technical capabilities of Orion as it’s not anything like the old Apollo capsule. In fact, we spent considerable time going through the new technology and systems used in Orion and I am sure this will interest you. If you have any comments or questions for Mr. Price or Lockheed Martin regarding Orion, please send them to me at and I will forward them for you to get a response. I certainly want to thank Larry Price, Linda Singleton, and Kevin Barre for making this interview possible.



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18 Sep 2009 Laurence A. Price
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