Broadcast 814 (Special Edition)

18 Oct 2007 LtCol. Paul E. Damphousse
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LtCol. Paul Damphousse from the NSSO was the guest for this special Space Show program. We started the discussion by explaining the Space-Based Solar Power Study as an opportunity for Strategic Security and why the National Security Space Office (NSSO) undertook this study. Listeners who have not yet seen the study or heard about the press conference held to announce the results of the study should visit the website of the National Space Society ( as the press conference audio is on their website as is the link to the 75 page solar power study. If you use this link, you will find the report and the audio: Col. Damphousse did a superb job in explaining the basics behind the study and in summarizing the findings and recommendations found within the study. Listeners asked many questions about solar power, beamed energy used as a weapon, space solar power economics, private or public sector development and why the U.S. should be involved in this rather than letting other nations spend their money to do it. You will want to hear the answers and the discussions regarding these and other questions as this is an important and must listen to discussion. In the latter half of the program, we switched topics and focus to discuss SUSTAIN which is the Marine Corps Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion concept. This discussion proved comprehensive and technical. While much of what we discussed was theoretical for us in 2007, the time table for SUSTAIN is reasonable and future looking and plausibility is dependent upon advances in engineering, technology, fuels, and more. In addition, the precision mission and operating envelope are yet to be finalized so there is time for input and creative examination to see how to build a space transport vehicle for a rapid insertion of a Marine Squad anyplace on Earth within two hours. Listeners asked hard questions about Delta-V, parachuting into a heavy fire zone, protecting the vehicle on the ground in hostile territory, mass that it can and would be expected to carry and much more. Listeners may want to read the Popular Science article on this concept vehicle from the January 2007 issue. As this is a concept in development, LtCol. Damphousse said he would welcome your feedback and input about the concept. He is clearly an out of the box thinker as you will learn from listening to this program and out of the box suggestions are welcome. So are your comments about the space-based solar power study. You can contact LtCol. Paul Damphousse at Make sure you reference his appearance on The Space Show if you contact him.



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