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Guest:  Joe Carroll; Topics:  Human spaceflight and gravity, Joe's IAC Power Point slides which have been posted to our blog, partial gravity, the gravity RX, gravity research and issues.

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We welcomed Joe Carroll back to the program for updates on his work with tethers and artificial/partial gravity.  During our nearly two hour discussion, Joe covered many important topics, plus he selectively referred to key slides from his IAC Power Point presentation from last month which he had kindly allow us to upload to our blog.  Please download his presentation and follow along using the slide numbers that he refers to.  Don't worry, he only referred to a few slides and our program is a real discussion, not a power point presentation.  

Joe covered many points but started with the cubesat experiment, the NRL TEPCE.  This experiment used a 1 km tether plus it will be visible over North America so listen to how and when to see it if you want to do a visual sighting.  He also asked for photos, images, videos of the cubesat should any of you want to image the satellite.  If you do image it, send them to  Joe spent time fully discussing this mission in all its details.  Next, he shifted to slide 2 of his IAC presentation which you can download from our blog.

In slide 2, Joe talked about gravity clusters of planets in our solar system  Don't miss what he said but you need to be looking at the slide to fully grasp it.  He talked about gravity similarities in clusters throughout our solar system with planets and moons and the implication for human spaceflight, even settlement.  This led to our discussion about the need for a human gravity prescription, something we still don't have nor do we have research projects working to determine it.  Joe talked extensively about the need for in space experiments but he did address the gravity experiments carried out on Earth and their limitations.  He also suggested an excellent website for more information, Ted Hall's

Joe talked about the early Gemini program designed to answer four important questions.  Don't miss what Joe said the four questions were and the results of the Gemini program.  He also talked about the number of people that would be in a space capsule for in space experiments, plus the preferred sample size.  Dr. Doug called to suggest that there might ben three different gravity prescriptions but they did not all need to be resolved up front.  Don't miss the three different prescriptions and what he said about each one, plus what Joe said in response to Doug's call.

Doug and Joe talked Artemis and getting to the lunar surface.  Doug suggested a cheaper way of doing things than bringing fuel up from Earth to be used to land on the surface of the Moon. Toward the end of the conversation with Doug, I pointed out that what Doug was talking also had not happened so the assumptions he was making were just as theoretical as what Doug was challenging.  Let us know what you think about Doug's call and comments by posting on the blog.   Note that Doug did tell us what he thought was planned regarding the Gateway down to the lunar surface.  Assume that what Doug said was actually the plan, there would be answers to the questions and ideas proposed by Doug. 

Joe talked radiation on the ISS plus equatorial low radiation orbits as a good place for in space gravity experiments.  As part of this discussion, he referenced the work by Al Globus.  Joe had much to say about this orbit and doing gravity experiments there so don't miss what he talked about. 

Moving along with our discussion, Sharon sent in a note asking about any action being taken to make what Joe was talking about happen.  Please note Joe's response to the Sharon email.  Hint:  He referenced his IAC talk and the follow Q&A session.  I then asked if he had a different experience at the SSI event in Seattle this past September.   As part of his response, he referred us to slide 3 of his IAC PPT presentation. 

As we were nearing the end of the program, joe talked about partial gravity, space tourism and then he suggested we refer to slides 6, 7, and 8.  He got a question about gravity research on a private space station should one ever become operational.  We also talked about gravity work being done outside the U.S.  He specifically called out the Mexican balloon tests.

Joe offered concluding remarks, mentioned min tethers and replied to an 11th hour Dr. Doug email which I read on air.  Tourism came up again and here Joe expressed some skepticism.  Don't miss his space tourism analysis which had much to do with ticket pricing.  Once again we asked him about the ideal sample size on a launch vehicle for human in space gravity experimentation.  Let us know what you think the sample size for human in space gravity experiments should be plus how do you suggest we get there from where we are today.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Joe Carroll through me.

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18 Nov 2019 Joe Carroll
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