Broadcast 1001 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Manny Pimenta returned to The Space Show to discuss Lunar Explorer, his interactive global model of the Moon which is available for home PCs. This software is an interactive, virtual reality program detailing the features on the surface of the Moon. We talked about how the software was made using the Clementine data and what one can do with the software to simulate being and working on the Moon and even on a lunar outpost/settlement. We talked about using this software as a STEM education tool, its appropriateness for young children, getting it into schools, to members of congress and other select venues including science fiction and conspiracy conferences. This led to an interesting discussion about attendance at these other conferences as compared to attendance at space conferences. You won't want to miss this discussion. You can learn more about Lunar Explorer and see some of the photos from it by visiting Manny also provided us with his schedule where he will have 3D virtual reality exhibits for you to experience so if you can be where the exhibit will be, don't miss it. If you have product questions or comments or general questions for Manny, please email him at both as well as The Lunar Explorer software is widely available, including Amazon and other online sources.



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18 Aug 2008 Manny Pimenta
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