Broadcast 144 (Special Edition)

18 Aug 2003 Gene Kranz
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Gene Kranz, former NASA Mission Control Flight Director during the Apollo program was the guest for this program. During this interview, we discussed his experiences with NASA during Project Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, NASA, Columbia, the future of the space program, space commerce and the private sector in space, and space development. Mr. Kranz outlines his four part plan to make space a priority again and to lead us forward to becoming a space-faring society in a space-faring world. We talk about his recent book, "Failure Is Not An Option," and his upcoming History Channel television special by the same name which is a documentary on the space program during the Apollo era. Several callers interacted with Mr. Kranz during this program. Listening to Mr. Kranz is the next best thing to having been in Mission Control when we went to the Moon!



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