Broadcast 483 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

18 Apr 2006 John J. Webb, Jr.
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John J. Webb, CEO of Instarsat, LLC was the special guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview by inquiring of Mr. Webb why the need for starting yet another satellite company and what was special about Instarsat, LLC. From this initial question, we discussed entrepreneurism in the space industry, the need to to shake things up and do disruptive technology and more. Not only do we learn about Instarsat and its unique ScienceBus project, but we learned about the various categories of satellites including cubesats, micros, and small sats on to the much larger satellites. We also talked about competition in the start-up community and the challenges for attracting and retaining talented engineers and other employees. Mr. Webb spells it out very clearly and you will want to hear what he says. We also discussed ITAR and the special burden it puts on the developing company, both as a function of time delays and costs. Mr. Webb explained some of the politics of space and why space politics is so very burdensome on the start-up or the entrepreneurial space venture. We also discussed the coming small sat conference in Logan, Utah and some of the advantages of attending this conference, for students as well as those interested in developing a space economy. You can contact Mr. Webb with additional comments or questions through his website which is or by using the email address,



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