Broadcast 3377 Kim Holder & John Jossy

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  John Jossy, Kim Holder.  Topics:  Kim and John provided us with their analysis of the SIS Space Settlement Conference. This was an in-depth discussion of the extraordinary two day event.

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We welcomed back both Kim Holder and John Jossy to brief us on the two day SSI Conference recently held in Seattle at the famous Museum of Flight, "The Space Settlement Enterprise."  This two segment two hour discussion was in my opinion one of the finest Space Show analysis programs over the years I have been hosting The Space Show.  Hats off to both Kim and John for an outstanding job in sharing this event with us all.  I strongly urge you to listen to the full two hours and I hope many of you will post questions and comments on the blog for both guests and others that may have attended the event.  You can follow along with our guests at  Please note that our two guests talked about many of the panel and keynote talks and mentioned the speakers by name, by company and by their contribution.  For the purposes of this summary, most of the individual names will not be mentioned as they are on the page above and talked about in detail by or guests.  The purpose of this summary is simply to provide a concise view of the conference, what got the attention of Kim and John, what they liked and did not like and why.  This summary is not designed to go into detail on the speakers or their presentations but both guests do that with many of those presenting at the event.  Keep in mind this summary is by no means a replacement to listening to this excellent Space Show program.  One more thing if I may.  We would really like to know your thoughts and read your comments so do post them on our blog.  We hope that SSI will post the panel discussion videos on their website. If they do that, I will be sure to let all of you know.  If you are like me, there will definitely be panel discussion you want to see.

Mr. Jossy led off the discussion in the first segment with a focus on the first panel, Habitat Designers.  He also talked about the focus of the event which was a sort of reboot effort for the R&D needed to push forward with the O'Neillian vision of free space settlements.  To that degree, it was appropriate to first discuss the types and possible designs of free space habitats or even habitats on the surface of the Moon or Mars.  John called out the designs and speakers he liked with this panel.  Kim said this was her favorite panel, then she went into detail on designs by AUTOARCH Architects and Skyframe Research.  Don't miss what she had to say about these habitat designs and why she found them to be compelling and interesting.  Both guests mentioned The Gateway Foundation plus we had listener feedback regarding their project.  Listeners wanted to know about cislunar development for the O'Neillian vision.  Listen to what was said about cislunar materials and development being an enabler for the free space habitats.

I asked our guests what panels they did not like and why?  Listen to how our guests responded to this question.  Thoughts, please?  As you will hear throughout our discussion, the Bioneering panel from the second day was one of the favorites for both our guests.  I made a specific inquiry about the Economic panel which was at the end of Day 2.  Most of the discussion regarding the Economic panel zeroed in on SSP satellites and demos. 

Regarding the Gateway Foundation project, we had an email from Dr. Doug, then a phone call from Marshall talking about this project.  For the record, I have made several efforts, so far without success, to get the CEO of the Gateway Foundation on The Space Show.  As I said on air, I will try again. 

Before ending the first segment, our guests talked about the keynote speaker for lunch the first day, Dr. Heidi Fern.  Heidi, who has been a guest on TSS a few times with Dr. Jim Woodward, is a key member of the Woodward team working on Mach Thrusters, also known as the Woodward Effect.  John offered some insights to the project based on what Heidi offered up at lunch.

As we started the second segment, Dr. Doug called to talk in general about deep space mining, ISRU, and the O'Neillian vision.  Keep in mind, Doug is not particularly an O'Neillian visionary as he is focused on returning to the Moon.  Kim said the same and I too said I was largely focused on returning to the Moon and eventually getting to Mars.  Don't miss Doug's phone call and what John and Kim had to say when they responded to Doug.  By the way, our guests talked about one of the speakers who offered up a slide showing the ten key learning points about using planetary resources.  Listen to the ten items that John read off as he had taken a photo of that slide.  John also said another speaker listed the ten things O'Neill got wrong. John also took a photo of that slide which he then read off to us as part of his commentary.

Dr. Jim Logan was the chair of the Bioneering panel.  Our guests talked about his Deimos plan , microgravity, and radiation.  Dr. Doug asked questions about the Logan plan.  Note that Dr. Logan will be the guest on the show Dec. 17th so for sure we will hear more about Deimos, radiation, microgravity and more at that time.  By the way, Dallas Bienhoff was a major participant at the event. Dallas will be with us on Friday, Sept. 27 so look forward to hearing more from Dallas on what was said at this SSI conference. 

During the balance of the second segment, individual panel members were brought to our attention regarding various subjects including colonizing Mars ,plus we got listener and guest comments about the George Dvorsky no Mars colonization Gizmodo article recently covered on The Space Show.  John talked about that in the context of panelists Logan and Dr. John Charles.

Later in this part of our discussion, our guests talked about the Joe Carroll artificial gravity presentation plus the need to figure our the gravity prescription and test for the Moon and Mars gravity.  Don't miss what was said about why the Moon and Mars gravity.  John Jossy then gave a shout out to Morgan Irons on the Bioneering panel.  Note that this speaker will soon be a Space Show gust regarding closed life support systems and more.  Kim gave a special shout out to Dr. Justin Karl regarding changes going on within the NASA culture. 

Both our guests offered closing comments you will want to hear, plus final panel member mentions.  Kim also talked about a discussion she had with Rob Hoyt re his earlier paper on draining the Van Allen Belts.  Don't miss this part of her conclusion for the show.

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SSI Space Settlement conf review and analysis

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17 Sep 2019 Kim Holder, John Jossy
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference