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Guests:  Dr. Eligar Sadeh and Layla Martin;  Topics:  The launch of the Astropolitics Institute, What it is and why now? 

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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Eligar Sadeh with his partner Layla Martin to introduce us to the new Astropolitics Institute   (see  Please note that this was a one segment 71 minute discussion.  I suggest you follow along with us using the Astropolitics Institute website.  We started the program with Dr. Sadeh providing us with an overview and introduction to the new Astropolitics Institute.  Both Eligar and Layla  provided us with the why they formed the Institute plus the what for what the Institute will do and who it will serve.  Eligar then listed three areas for their specialization including advocacy, education, and collaboration with research.  Don't miss this early discussion as it set the stage for the balance of our discussion.

Layla told us about her background which was important since she came to space without having a background of any kind in the industry.  Don't miss how she described her background and previous activities and how she is turning her attributes to space.  As you will hear, Layla is in charge of the advocacy side of the Institute.  Layla spent considerable time during the rest of the program discussing advocacy and her plans for promoting it.  Don't miss her comments on advocacy very close to the end of the show when she brought up Jane Fonda.

Our guests went over the launch event at the upcoming IAC event in Washington, DC next week.  If you are attending the IAC, you should go to their launch event. You can find the details here:  Several listeners asked email questions.  Terry wanted to know if the Institute was open to people within the industry participating with the Institute as if it was a type of think tank.  Layla said yes and told people to email her about participating with the institute.  She gave out her email address on air but I won't list it in this summary.  Later, another listener wanted to know if the classes being planned and offered would get continuing education credit.  Ralph and others sent in notes saying they could not make it to the IAC but wanted to know if they planned on being at other events including the famous Space Foundation Symposium in early 2020.  Eligar said yes and talked about his connection to the Symposium. 

I asked Eligar to clarify the relationship with The Astropolitics Journal which he edits and the Institute which uses the same or a similar name.  Eligar explained the relationship which seems to appear good options for those participating in the Institute.  Let us know what you think so post on our blog for this show. 

Jane in Seattle asked about the Institute and causes such as returning to the Moon.  Layla responded to this question with lots of passion.  Don't miss what she said.  Later, Ben send in a new from upstate NY wanting to about the institute taking positions on things like returning to the Moon, creating a Space Force and the Chinese space and lunar plans.  Eligar took the opportunity to repeat that this provided a good example of their research and corroboration efforts with various national and international players.  He had much to say about the Space Force given his long association and teaching with various USAF programs.  The same for his entrepreneurial comments.  Don't miss this portion of the discussion.  Let us hear from you so do post your comments and thoughts on our blog for this show.  During this discussion and earlier in the show, both guests mentioned Professor Everett Dolman and the classic book, "Astropolotik:  Classical Geopolitics in The Space Age."  Professor Dolman is a Professor of Strategy at the US Air Force Air Command and Staff College (ACSC). 

The subject of commercial space and entrepreneurism came up in the context of the plans for the Institute.  Layla mentioned the 1967 OST and the big picture question about making sure the benefits of space were available to everyone on Earth. I reminded both guests that the companies such SpaceX and others are taking the risk and investing the money but their customer base includes the people around the globe, using a comsat as an example. 

Both gests offered closing comments, we talked about their creating a newsletter for those wanting to stay up on what the Institute was doing and accomplishing.  I suggested they document their IAC launch party with lots of photos on their website. 

Please post your comments/questions for this program and our two guests by posting on our blog.  You can reach the guests through their website above or me.




the launching of the ASTROPOLITICS INSTITUTE

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17 Oct 2019 Dr. Eligar Sadeh, Layla Martin
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