Broadcast 339 (Special Edition)

17 May 2005 Dr. Kent Miller
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Dr. Kent Miller was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Miller began the interview speaking about the coming NSS Annual ISDC Conference to be held later this week in Washington, DC from May 19-22, 2005. Dr. Miller discussed the overall conference plan, he spoke about many of the speakers and the subjects that will be covered and he also provided listeners with registration information for those who are still interested in attending. Simply visit and click on the ISDC button. ISDC this year is significantly larger than in previous years, represents many facets of the space development world from NASA, ESA, the government, the industry and much more. Dr. Miller also spoke about the new NASA Administrator, Dr. Mike Griffin and we discussed ways in which NASA could be reformed. Dr. Miller expressed his own view that NASA should undergo a program similar to a base closure and consolidation program. You will certainly want to listen to his comments on this subject. We also talked about ITAR, lobbying congress and its importance, the International Space Station which he is not supportive of finishing, and European space entrepreneurism. Other subjects discussed included space tourism, the National Space Society in the United States and abroad, and Dr. Miller's Fairfax County, VA television show for promoting space, "Around Space." You can learn more about his television show by visiting He can also be contacted through this site or as always, through me at Dr. Miller's film archive can be found at



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