Broadcast 241 (Special Edition)

17 Jul 2004 Rand Simberg
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Rand Simberg was the guest for this Space Show program and updated us on important events and activities happening in the space development world. Rand shared his Mojave Space Ship One experiences with us, told us what he thought this event meant to the space advocacy as well community, the government, NASA, Congress, and the general American population. Rand spoke about the upcoming presidential election, the differences in space policy positions between President Bush and Senator Kerry and he told us what he thought space policy would be like for each candidate were he to occupy the White House this November. Rand spoke about the importance of having low cost space access, we discussed heavy lift vehicles, the Chinese space program and any concerns he might have given the Chinese have put a man in space. Mr. Simberg shared with us that his biggest concern was that the Chinese would model the Space Ship One program because then they would most likely pass us by in technology and performance. Should they continue their program modeled after the Russian program, Mr. Simberg does not feel that China will catch us in space anytime soon. Mr. Simberg was asked about withdrawing from the United Nations Outer Space Treaty, we discussed the importance of space property rights and much more. After listening to this program, you will certainly be up on all the latest space development and commercial space news.



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