Broadcast 1107 (Special Edition)

17 Feb 2009 Dr. Henry Hertzfeld
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Guest: Dr. Henry Hertzfeld. Topics: economics for the nation, NASA, and space, investment, launch rates, government spending for space and R&D. Dr. Henry Hertzfeld returned to The Space Show to discuss the current state of our national and global economy and its probable impact on space development and programs. We examined the economic impact on companies that need to raise money, those which do not have clearly defined markets, and on those companies that are self-funded. In addition to the economic issues, we talked about achieving low cost space access with a higher launch rate or with RLVs, and we examined spaceports, spaceport financing, and space tourism. Other issues included traffic management and the legal and regulatory issues surrounding satellites given the Iridium and Cosmos satellite collision last week. Listeners asked about making the economic case for going to the Moon, Mars, or human spaceflight in general. You will want to hear what Dr. Hertzfeld had to say about making an economic case for most space programs. Uncertainty and not knowing were common themes during the program as it was said many times that we were in "unchartered waters" at this time given the new administration, Congress, the economic situation here and around the world, and the lack of a new NASA Administrator let alone NASA policy. Henry did explain why it was likely that things for civil space will not change much but then again, nobody knows for sure. I believe this to be an important show placing space development and exploration in the proper context with what is happening nationally and globally. If you have comments or questions for Dr. Henry Hertzfeld, please send them to me at and I will forward them to him.



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