Broadcast 672 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

17 Feb 2007 Jeff Krukin
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Jeff Krukin returned for this Space Show program and to turn the tables on me by interviewing me for The Space Show. He did a superb job as a guest host of The Space Show and I hope all of you enjoy this change of pace program. I commend Jeff for his great idea and enthusiasm to do this type of program. I know you the listeners will find it interesting, informative and entertaining. During the first segment of the show, Jeff brought us up to date with the Space Frontier Foundation and the coming SFF conference in the Washington, DC area from July 18-21, 2007. Please refer to the SFF website for conference details and registration. Visit Several listeners asked questions about the coming conference and the Overview Effect part of the conference and you will definitely want to hear this discussion. Regarding Jeff's interview with, just listen to it. I was asked questions about the business and financial side of The Space Show, my vision for the show, my inspiration, COTS, why space, outreach, and lots more. I also went off on a rant how space needs to be for all of us regardless of where we live and our national borders. If you want to contact Jeff Krukin, please email him at The specific page for the SFF conference is As for contacting me, as always at



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