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Guest: Pharis E. Williams. Topics: fusion, Superluminal Space Craft, science funding, propulsion. Our guest today was Pharis E. Williams and our subject was out of the box scientific and propulsion theories. We started our discussion with the two papers Pharis delivered at this year's SPESIF conference. The first was "Fusion for Earth and Space." Here, Pharis talked about the potential of fusing deuterium nuclei in helium nuclei to create a different model of fusion. Pharis discussed this theory in detail and he answered lots of questions about how mainstream science sees and treats such theories, how his theory could be validated, and more. Its a comprehensive discussion you will not want to miss. His other paper delivered at SPESIF was "Superluminal Space Craft" and here Pharis discussed the potential for faster than light propulsion and how it might work. He introduced us to the Five Dimensional World and the theory that mass is independent of space and time. As with before, we talked about his theories in the mainstream science world and then in the out of the box world represented by the excellent SPESIF Conference and before it, STAIF. I'm sure you will find his physics discussion quite interesting. We also talked about unified theories and how to know what or which out of the box theory to pay some attention to since there is no shortage of people coming up with theories representing everything under the sun. This is another must listen to discussion but briefly, his guidance hinged around making sure that the author of the theory had his facts and grounding in science and engineering correct, in addition to making sure the math being used was correctly being used. As someone who receives up to a dozen requests a month to be on this show from authors and others that claim to have THE theory of everything, I found the suggestions of Pharis to be most helpful but clearly something else is needed to help discern something that is potentially real from the crackpot side. In fact, I am working on a show to help us identify crackpot science and if it comes together, I will start announcing it right away. The subject of the old Senator Proxmire Golden Fleece Awards came up during our conversations about the process used for funding science projects and interestingly Pharis noted that one impact of the awards was to dry up funding sources for unusual science projects given the risk and the fear of being given a Golden Fleece. If you don't remember or know what a Golden Fleece Award was, check it out here or on lots of other internet sites: Pharis Williams has written a new book, "Physics Against The Odds" and you can find it online or at your local bookstore. His website is If you have questions or comments for Pharis Williams, please contact him through his website at Make sure you note that you are contacting him from his appearance on The Space Show. In addition, you can send your email to him through me and I will be glad to forward it to him.



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17 Apr 2009 Pharis E. Williams
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